Wordless Wednesday, 7/29/09



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Music Monday

When The Man and I first started dating he began 'giving' me songs - songs he'd ask me to listen to that said what maybe we weren't ready to say yet. So, I thought I'd use these songs as my Music Monday songs for the next couple of weeks.

It was either this, or continue to torture my dear friend Kristen with WVU Football references for the next 5 weeks. Btw, did you see the very cool countdown to kick-off on my left sidebar? And for those of you who don't know, that is the scoreboard at Mountaineer Field at Mylan Puskar Stadium, where the 'Eers play. And why is it that when ESPN College Football Live was in West Virginia last week they referred to us as the 'Neers? Really, the 'Neers? Someone needs to work on their research.

Oh, this post isn't supposed to be about the Mountaineers?

Ooops! Where was I? Oh yes, the very first song The Man gave to me - To Make You Feel My Love, by Bob Dylan. He gave this song to me about the time Garth Brooks covered it and made it that much more popular. One day at work, the other girls were talking about how they wished a guy would say something like this to them - I just smiled to myself knowing that The Man had said it to me - it was the first of many times I've known just how truly blessed I am! It also happens that this song is also the inspiration for the title of my 'lil corner of the blogosphere. Enjoy! (It's not a very visually entertaining video, but the sound quality is the best I could get.)


Music Monday

Only 47 more days to this...

And this...

And of course, this...


Adventures in the 'Big D'

Crest the top of the hill at 25 1/2 stories high, put your hands up, and SCREAM! as you drop down at 85 mph - with no over-the-shoulder-type harness! Yay!!! Really, I love it, all 90 seconds of it!

My bro and I spent the day at Six Flags Over Texas yesterday. The Titan and Batman the Ride were my favorites. I love seeing nothing but blue skies and the tips of my toes on Batman; and The Titan, woo-hoo!
There's nothing like flipping yourself upside down, sideways, and inside out and then getting SOAKED to cool you off after a day in the Texas heat for fun. We ate ice cream and Pink Things (that's really what they are called) - and drank lots of free water. At first, I was a bit upset that you can't take any food or drink in with you, thinking 'Great, my life-savings will either be spent in bottled water or a trip to the ER from dehydration.' I was pleasantly surprised to learn that all you had to do was go up to any food vender and ask for a cup of water - and you got it for free!

A visit down town to The Sixth Floor Museum to do some sightseeing and learning about JFK's assassination. I took some great photos of the Texas Book Depository, 6th Floor Window, and the Grassy Knoll, but I left the cord to download them at home (so far it looks like that's all that I forgot, and if it stays that way, I'll be happy!), so they'll be posted later on.

And coming up Tonight:


48 More Hours

And I'll be watching this....


Going to the Big 'D'

Have you ever had one of those weeks when you wake up Monday morning with a list of things to do and places to go about 3 miles long? And the next thing you know it's 3pm on Friday and you're not sure how you got there?

Yea? Me too. That was my week last week. I couldn't tell you if it was a good week or bad week, because well, I think it was over before it started.

Now, I'm in the Pittsburgh International Airport waiting for a flight. I'm hoping that the luggage I checked really does contain everything I'll need for the next 7 days. If not, I'm guessing they have Target in Dallas.

Dallas? You ask. Oh, you didn't? Well, let's pretend you did!

I'm off to Dallas to visit my brother, Michael and his girlfriend Jenn. Michael has lived in Dallas for 2 years now and this is my first visit, does that make me a bad sister? And to make it worse, the Man is not coming, so Michael will have to actually hang with me. I am looking forward to meeting Jenn and visiting the JFK Memorial and doing whatever else it is you do in Dallas.

The Man is not coming because Dallas is just the first leg of this 7-day journey, and hey, somebody's gotta work this week. On Wednesday, I leave Dallas at oh-dark-thirty to head to Atlanta. What??? A trip from Pittsburgh to Atlanta doesn't really need to go through Dallas? Hmm? Imagine that! Anyway - On Wednesday, I leave Dallas to head to Atlanta for this year's PartyLite Conference where I will learn to be the very best Candle Lady and teacher of Candle Ladies I can be! And get to see the new product line. And get to find out where next year's Incentive Trip will be. (Note: To the spreaders of Swine Flu and other epidemics, please find somewhere other than the location of this Incentive Trip to infest. K? Thanks!).

Woo Hoo! My flight is on-time (for now anyway). Oops, you don't care about my flight status, do you? Sorry 'bout that.

I hope you've enjoyed this oh-so-random post. This is what you get when I've had less than 3 hours of sleep and no caffeine. Really, what airport does not have a Starbucks? I'm not a coffee drinker and really had my hopes up for a nice Venti, Non-Fat, Extra-Hot, Chai Tea Latte. And NO, a cup of regular tea will not cut it this morning. Here's hoping Minneapolis's airport is better equipped. And yes, apparently Minneapolis is on the way from Pittsburgh to Dallas. Hmm?


Wordless Wednesday 7/8/09

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Happy Independence Day!

Happy 4th of July!

Please remember, Freedom isn't free.

As you enjoy friends, family, and celebrations today, stop and remember why we are able to do this. With all of the news coming out of Iran, we should have a good idea of just how blessed we are to be American. Whether you agree with what our government does or not, I ask you to take today to just be glad that we have the freedom to speak our minds without fear of persecution or prosecution.


Wordless Wednesday

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