Water: (n) a transparent, odorless, tasteless liquid, a compound of hydrogen and oxygen, H2O, freezing at 32°F or 0°C and boiling at 212°F or 100°C, that in a more or less impure state constitutes rain, oceans, lakes, rivers, etc.: it contains 11.188 percent hydrogen and 88.812 percent oxygen, by weight

Water: Essential for life. Cleansing. Creates new life in baptism. Covers 71% of Earth. Exists as a solid (ice), liquid (water), gas (water vapor).

Water: Where I spend 30 minutes of my day; 5 days per week.

A few weeks ago, I started a new exercise routine. I decided to pass on the machines, pass on the weights, pass on the eliptical, and pass on the treadmill. I decided to swim. Every day.

I quickly discovered just how out of shape I was as that calm, serene pool of water kicked my butt. I. Y. it.

Now, I find myself looking forward to my time in the water more than I ever remember looking forward to exercise. I make my appointment and I keep it. I schedule other things - work things, fun things, anythings - around my time in the water.

Sure, the water is a bit cold when I first get in, but within 2 lengths of the pool, instead of feeling the cold, all I feel is the water moving around me.

My time in the water is more than exercise for my body (don't get me wrong, I sure am enjoying the extra room that has already appeared in my jeans); it's a break for my mind. It's time to think through things. To process. Without being able to act immediately. It's time to pray and listen to what He might be telling me. It's invigorating and relaxing all at the same time. It's time to reflect on my days. It's time to prepare myself for what lies ahead. Good. And Bad.

My time in the water reminds me just how important it is to my existence. And also, how it must be respected. For that water, that is necessary, can just as easily take away. Twice, as I've lifted my head to breathe, I've not gotten my mouth completely out of the water and inhaled water with air. Twice, I've been just fine (except for that little bit of my pride that had to tell the physical therapist on duty that I was just fine...). Twice, I've been reminded to respect this water.

For now, I look forward to my time in the water. Daily. I am grateful for the ache in my legs and arms. I am grateful for the extra room in my pants. I am grateful for the break for my mind. I am grateful for water.


For Today, 3/28/09

A glimpse into my day, just an ordinary day.

For Today, March 28, 2009:

Outside my window....sunshine, LOTS of sunshine. Birds chirping. Laundry drying.

I am thinking....that I really love sleeping in on Saturdays.

I am thankful for...my *free* gym membership.

From the kitchen...nothin'. The Man's at work and we're off to a birthday party for pizza this evening.

I am wearing....my pink sleep-shirt. Getting dressed as soon as I'm done here.

I am creating...a list of things I need to get done today.

I am going...to my little brother's 13th Birthday Party. 13? Really??? Yikes, time flies!

I am reading...Woman in Red, by Eileen Goudge.

I am hearing...squeak, squeak, squeak, squeeeeeeeeeeak. (Kali with her football toy).

Around the house...a re-arranged storage room. MUCH better.

One of my favorite things...Football in the newspaper. Every day. It's Spring Practice time!

A few plans for the rest of the week...swimming. End of month deadlines. Spring Cleaning.

Here is a picture thought I am sharing...


Shamrock Shakes

I have it on good authority (our Parish Priest) that Sundays are not meant to be a Fasting Day. Even during Lent. I must admit a piece of me did a little bit of a happy dance when we got this bit of information because when I gave up sweets for Lent, I had forgotten all about Shamrock Shakes (while I usually only have 1 or 2 a year, I so look forward to them). But when Father Leon explained the whole Sunday-not-a-fasting-day thing, I was very excited.

After church yesterday, The Man, my Mom, my Stepdad and I headed over to the local McDonald's. I was in search of my shake, the rest of the family was just along to humor me. We arrive. Shamrock Shakes are on the menu. I decide that while I'd love a LARGE, it is Lent so I will go for a small. I order "1 small Shamrock Shake please."

"We're out of Shamrock Shakes."

In my head: WHAT???? It's not even St. Patrick's Day! It's March 15!!!!! They're on the menu!!!!

So, in my very mature voice I say "I don't want anything then." The family orders what they'd like and we head to our table.

Well, I was VERY upset by this turn of events. Not even an apology or offer of a coupon from the cashier and worst of all...no Shamrock Shake :(. So, the family and I begin a conversation about the absurdity of the lack of Shamrock Shakes - BEFORE St. Patrick's Day. The fact that it was still listed on the menu. The fact that the cashier didn't even seem to care.

I say to The Man - this is so going on my blog. McDonald's should seriously be able to plan better for Shamrock Shake sales. I may even go take a pic with my camera phone to show that it is still on the menu.

A few moments later a manager comes over. Offers to call another store and see if they have any Shamrock Shakes left. Unbeknownst to me, the lady working on cleaning up the stools beside us is also a manager, just not dressed in McDonald's clothing. So the manager calls a store across town, tells the manager their what happened, asks my name and assures me that there will be a small Shamrock Shake for me there...free of charge. And, the menu sign was changed.

I know feel seriously silly. It's a Shamrock Shake. My reaction was a bit extreme. I may have gone on just a bit too long about this turn of events.

After the family finished their food, The Man and I headed across town and picked up my Shamrock Shake. Free. Delicious. Worth the extra wait.

I am grateful. I will be sending a Thank-you note to the manager of the first McDonald's. I will also be sending a note to McDonald's corporation because seriously, a company of that size should surely be able to plan better.

Next year, I'll be at McDonald's on March 1. Just in case the aforementioned letter is not taken under advisement.



What do you use to cut a pan of jello with?

If you are The Man in my life - you start with a sharp knife, like a steak knife.

I then ask "Do you really think you need a sharp knife for that?"

Laughing ensues. Hysterical Laughing. Lots of it.

Ah, to be around this house...it's never dull. More laughing.


Random thoughts for a Monday

~Went to see Watchmen on Friday night. At 11:15. P.M. Should of waited for the Blu-Ray.

~Watched WVU lose a heartbreaker to Louisville on Saturday night. Ready for the Big East Tourney coming on Wed.

~The Circus is heading to Buffalo. T.O. a Bill? Really? This outta be interesting.

~The time change really kicked my butt. Really. Perhaps it was that I got sucked into Casino Royal on Showtime at 11:45 PM (which we all know was really 12:45 AM). Hmm.

~Loving teaching my Children's Catechism Class before church on Sunday mornings. I love seeing Jesus and Faith through children's eyes.

~Breakfast with Dad, Kim, and TD after church. A nap to try to recover from that time change. Dinner with Mom and Rick. A Sunday without having to cook, woo-hoo!

~Desperate Housewives. Big Love. Does Sunday TV get any better?

~A new windshield. I get it now. That's why I pay for insurance!

~Finally, a trip to get my butt kicked again. This time by the Lap Pool at the gym. Love it!

Have a great week!


Flashback Friday: SNOW!

This week's edition of Flashback Friday over at My Tiny Kingdom asks about Snow!

Last week, I would have opted right out of this topic, as I am done with snow for the year (let's hope that God & Mother Nature agree, k?). BUT, today, the weather here is sunny and mild (not quite warm, but I did wear flipflops today) so the topic of snow brings some happy memories of childhood too. I'm lacking in the picture department this week, so here's a list of some of my favorite snow memories:

Snowball fights.

Sled ridding (we had a GREAT hill).

Hot chocolate.




Snow forts.

Snow angels.

No School.

Frozen hair.

Red noses.

Night-time sledding.

Pinetrees covered in snow.

Icy driveway.

Cement in dad's trunk.

An April birthday party - with 7 1/2 inches of snow.


Here's hoping this list puts a smile on your face as you think of childhood snow!



Friendship isn't a big thing - it's a million little things.
-Author Unknown

In the past six months, as The Man and I have moved and I have changed my career path I felt something missing. I felt disconnected. I felt a little lonely. But then, with a little visit to Charlotte, I figured out what it was.

Yes, that trip was for a football game, but while we were there, we stayed with a friend of mine. A friend I haven't seen in years.

Then, we went to Florida. We stopped to see another friend on the way. Another friend I haven't seen in years.

And through my trips back to the Martinsburg area for meetings, I made lunch plans with other friends.

And last week, I had lunch with a friend from High School who I haven't seen in even more years.

And over the weekend, another friend came to visit.

I've used technology to reconnect and stay connected with others (Facebook isn't so bad afterall). Blogging has kept me up to date on the growth of another friend's baby. And a text message here and there has started bringing another friend and I closer again, too.
Then there are my new, internet friends I've met through blogging.

What was missing? Long talks. Laughing at nothing. Silence that didn't need filled. A shared history.

Before we moved back, occassionally The Man would take off for a weekend to visit friends in Baltimore or back here in Morgantown. I just chalked it up to the need for some 'guy time' as his world is surrounded by women (as a massage therapist, most of his co-workers and clients are lacking a y-chromosome). It was a win-win, he got his guy time in and I had a quiet weekend at home. I had plenty of 'girl time' at work with co-workers and at PartyLite events with co-workers. Now I see it was more.

Then we moved. Suddenly, I was disconnected from my co-workers (who had become friends) and my PartyLite team (who had also become friends). And while The Man is my best friend, we all know it's not the same as a girlfriend.

I realized somewhere along the line that I had been horrible at keeping in touch. And that now, I needed my friends. That I hoped they knew I'd always loved them, even if I was horribly sporadic in my communication.

What did I learn? That they did know. That all it takes is opening the door again. That years of on and off again contact could be erased by starting it again. By being more consistent about it.

That they had new friends and busy lives, just like I did, but that we still fit, too.

To my girlfriends, new and old,: thank-you for the million little things you've brought to my life!