Blog Jump Start: Week 5

This week's Blog Jump Start hosted by Donna at What if God Says No asks: If you had to evacuate quickly and everyone was safe, what things would you grab?

Donna didn't give us any parameters regarding how much space we have to take things and/or how much time we would have. In my head, I was thinking what can fit in the car and be grabbed within 15  minutes or so. I also decided to limit myself to 10 items/groups of items. In no particular order (and assuming my phone and purse are considered part of me being safe):

  1. Sugarbeet's lovey and favorite blanket.
  2. The external hard drive with all of my photos and important files backed up on to it.
  3. The bin of items from my and R's childhoods and Sugarbeet's bin.
  4. The icon of Mary that hangs above me when I sleep.
  5. A few items of seasonally appropriate clothing and footwear for each of us, all to fit in one carry on size suitcase.
  6. My dad's high school class ring.
  7. Sugarbeet's baptismal gown.
  8. A bag of bath toiletries.
  9. Snacks and water.
  10. The icon of St. Michael that hangs in Sugarbeet's room above her crib.
Prior to my divorce, I think I would have had a much harder time with this. Everything would have seemed important, with a memory attached to it. While I had more time than 15 minutes (a few hours), I didn't have a ton of space and I had to make decisions quickly as to what things I wanted. Only once or twice have I looked back and wished I'd taken something I left, and honestly, it has always been more  a matter of convenience than something sentimental.

[Unrelated: There is a new post on the private blog.]


  1. What a fun idea; might be interesting to ponder a bit.

  2. I like your organization of this prompt. I didn't think about my childhood bin! I will be including that in my list.

  3. Haha! This is kind of a funny one to me... because I actually have a "go box" and a list of stuff to grab if there's time. This is less of a blog prompt than a reality in my neck of the woods, but I do like your list.