7 Quick Takes

1. Trying to be a better blogger, and there seems to be lots I want to say, but I'm having trouble finding my grove, so I thought I'd start with 7QT again and see if some short posts and thoughts help get the flow going again. These will be true Quick Takes, without much to connect them.

2. Lots of things I want to blog about - maybe if I make a list here, I'll be able to find a better rhythm? Worth a try, I say. So, what are some topics...the experience of receiving Medicaid while pregnant with Sugarbeet; living in an irregular situation in a time when there is so much discussion of divorce and remarriage happening in the Church; being a child of divorce and the impacts it had on me; Sugarbeet; some reflections on what I've learned about myself and my own shortcomings in the past couple of years; the mommy wars and how moms are treated and encouraged in society; the current state of our country; the struggle of truly living the life of the domestic church now that I no longer work for the church; and a few more things, I'm sure.

3. Half-marathon training starts next week. When I first started running, I struggled to find time to fit it in - as with anything new being added to life, I suppose, and I'm finding the same struggle, just for different reasons now. I am facing a similar challenge to when I first started running (jeans are getting a little tight) and I am choosing the same option - eat less or move more? I'll move more thankyouverymuch. I like food. So, I'm motivated and looking forward to a training routine.

4. One thing I am changing up is how and where I track my runs. I used Daily Mile (DM) before, but in an effort to simplify the process, partly because Chrome and Garmin do not play nicely, I am going to just use Garmin's site where my watch will upload information for me. It's similar to DM, but doesn't require the extra step of importing the information from the Garmin site. The good thing is, it does have all of my past data since I got my watch, so my previous records for pace and distance are still there...and they are actually easier to find than on DM.

5. I've tweaked the blog layout a little...resetting everything but the header back to an option within Blogger's template personalization options. This allows me to tweak and change things as I go without needing a designer to do so for me. I loved working with Kelsey and definitely recommend her, and I've kept the header she designed for me.

6. I'm pleased to say I've been doing more reading lately (which wasn't hard to do if you didn't count reading blogs, internet articles, and the newspaper). Currently I'm reading The Handmaid's Tale and Persuasion. I read both in high school and decided to revisit them for different reasons. Hulu made an adaptation of The Handmaid's Tale and I wanted to reread before I watch it. And I want to read more Jane Austen, and of all her books, Persuasion was the one I had selected to read in high school and thought I'd start there to reintroduce myself to her writing style. Finally, R and I are reading Mary of Galilee as a spiritual reading/discussion topic in the evenings. While only Mary of Galilee is a paperbook, the other 2 are on my Kindle, my Kindle is only a very basic, not even Paperwhite version, Kindle and so I am not tempted nor distracted by the shiny world wide web and it's nice to unplug that way. I don't feel nearly as guilty when I've spent nap time curled up reading a book as I do if I lose 2 hours on the interweb. My kitchen floor may still not be clean, but my guilt is less.

7. I'm starting to get a little worried we may find ourselves in Spring without having had a really good snow. Yes, we've had some snow. And yes, I do NOT like the cold and much prefer hot hot hot summer days to winter, but if it's going to be cold and winter, one big snowed-in-for-days-snow a year is always nice. We've had tons of rain and I've said more than once "if only it were a bit colder..." and just last week when I went for a run and it was 70 degrees out I may have said "I love global warming" (KIDDING...mostly), so it's definitely not been a normal winter. I'm hoping for at least one good snow where R can build Sugarbeet a snowman or two!

That's all for my randomness today. Be sure to check out This Ain't the Lyceum for more Quick Takes.


  1. Persuasion is one of my favorite Austen books (P&P the other)!

    Good luck with your training!

  2. I am actually pretty interested in your thoughts on receiving Medicaid while pregnant. We will be dealing with government run healthcare for our foster kiddo once we get a placement so we will see how that goes. I hope you get a good snow soon :) Good luck with your marathon training!

  3. I'm interested to see what you have to say on all the topics in take #2!

  4. Nice to see you back writing! A big snow? Really??? If it doesn't snow another day this winter I'd be thrilled. The few bad snows we've had made driving treacherous.

  5. Good luck with your training!! I always have such a hard time fitting in working out.

  6. I have been doing a lot more reading and a lot less on the internet as well, so I know what you're talking about, there is definitely something different between the two. 7QT's or however it happens, glad to see you posting.

  7. I started using Strava.. it uploads your info from Garmin and you can still be friends with people and courage them!