2013, In Review

As I did last year, I thought I'd create a summary of posts from this year by picking a favorite from each month and linking to it here. Also, if you are really bored, you can click on the month name and it will take you to all of the posts from that month.

Happy New Year!

January - I wrote about the children we don't have and how I was Missing Them.

February - I only had one post, as I wrote about Entering the Desert and began a blogging and social media fast for Lent.

March - I also only had one post in March, as I reflected on Emerging from my fast.

April - As "April Fools' Day" jokes caused hurt, I reflected on My Pain.

May - After a crazy cycle I reflected on hope, and how sometimes It Just Hurts.

June - As I pondered how infertility could be a good thing, Ecce Fiat's question of "A ripple effect, maybe?" led me to realize that it is in many ways and, as I wrote, my eyes were opened as I responded, A Ripple Effect? Definitely!

July - Oh, July was tough to pick just one, and since this is my blog, I can change the rules :) and pick two :). I reflected in a 4 part series, beginning with The Barren Visitation on a retreat experience I had and I paid tribute to our sweet godson, Gregory.

August - I was Celebrating Hope, as I was determined to share the full picture of infertility, not just the hard days.

September - I realized that I had to learn to align my wants with What He Wants.

October - Of course, it is the Marine Corps Marathon Recap!

November - I got to meet Donna! And it was Just What I Needed.

December - I asked What if God Says No? and reflected on other "big" things.


  1. You had quite the year...I told my dh this morning that I wonder what the next year will bring us and he says "You say that every year."..I know but as a woman with IF that is now embarking on another adoption journey..we can only be hopeful. Gets us up in the morning right?

    Last year I know we were TTC'ing again after a surgery with a NAPRO dr...a glimmer of hope...little did I know a year ago..we'd be adopting. Funny how life pans out.

  2. It is often bittersweet to look back in time... So many good lessons and also for IF so many tears. I hope this next year is full of miracles! I am praying for it!

    Thanks for all you do with the FB group and here to encourage others with life lessons you have learned!

  3. I've really been blessed reading your blog this year. Thanks for sharing all your ups and downs with us. It helps to walk this tough road together.

  4. So glad to recap your year with you, my friend. Prayers for you to continue into 2014.

  5. Happy new year, Rebecca! I hope this doesn't come across as bleak, but I'm struck by how difficult 2013 was and how much you went through...you are an amazing, strong woman to bear so much uncertainty and heartache and do so while loving so many people!! Just wanted to affirm you in that, and also say I hope 2014 is filled with peace, joy, and many blessings for you and The Man!!

    1. Thank-you so much, friend. I hope the same for you and Mr. M!