Football and a Request of IF

How in the world did this happen?

What? you ask.

Well, it is October and other than a brief mention of football in before the season started it's like football season hasn't even started.

Yes, there have been a few other things going on - namely ridiculous amounts of running and reading. Whoever thought starting grad school and training for a marathon at the same time was a good idea really needs their head examined. Ahem.

But still, no football posts? I am quite seriously disappointed in myself. I shall make up for it here.

There was that small detail that I knew I was going to have to miss the second home game of the season. I KNOW! It was the 3rd home game in 11, yes, that eleven, seasons that I have missed, and I think in my head I just wasn't acknowledging that football season was going to start until after that. Not a completely bad plan on my part, as here is how it's gone thus far:

Week 1: Home game vs. William and Mary - Who? Exactly! We won. It wasn't pretty. We didn't have a starting quarterback named before the game. We still didn't have one after the game. It's gonna be a long year. Oh, and tailgating. Well, it was the tailgate for women who are pregnant. Yep. Three women were pregnant, all in their cute little "future Mountaineer" and "It's a Mountaineer" maternity shirts. While I sat there, ever aware of my emptiness. To say it was a tough day would be an understatement.

Week 2: Away game vs. Oklahoma - Wait! Why are we playing a bowl game in September? Oh, that's right we are in the Big XII now, this is a conference game. We had friends over, another IF couple, so thankfully there was no talk of babies, due dates, or any such thing. WVU lost though, so there was that. It was an ugly game and I'm just glad Oklahoma played as bad as we did, or it would've been much worse. (See week 4 for evidence of this.)

Week 3: Home game vs. Georgia State - Who? Exactly! Now, my friends, do you see why I was not quite as traumatized about missing this game as I could have been? Other than upping my number of missed games, I figured if I had to miss a game (and since it was a marriage prep weekend and that is a huge part of my job, I did have to miss it), this was the one to miss. It was a game we should easily win, and frankly if we didn't, I didn't want to see it. Thankfully we did win and the pre-cana weekend went quite well.

Week 4: Game vs. Maryland at M&T Bank Stadium in Baltimore - Wha? Exactly! Yes friends, instead of playing Maryland at home and having 7 home games, we trekked all the way to Baltimore to play them as it was sold to season ticket holders by our AD as a "home" game, only to find out, no, it is actually a "home" game for Maryland. (Not really home for either team, as U. of Md is in College Park and has their own stadium. Well, the Randy Edsell curse lives on, and to say it was ugly would be being nice. It was so bad, an entire 2 hours after the game, while hanging out with friends I shook my head and said "Did we really lose 37 - 0?" Yep. Worst shut-out in over 30 years. First shut-out since 2001. Not. Good. Oh, and the quarterback situation, a disaster.

Week 5: Home game vs. Oklahoma State. Finally! It felt like football season was really starting. No more missing games, no more silly neutral sites. It is time for conference football! I started the morning with a 12-mile run (I'm thinking that marathon training during football season is equally as crazy as marathon training while in grad school) and arrived at our tailgate spot by 8:15. I was showered and had my first adult beverage by 8:45 (we tailgate where The Man works - yay for showers!). By 9:30, I had received 4 pregnancy announcments. The first of which came from this lady (her blog is private, she is a fellow-IFer and has had a miscarriage before, so please pray for this sweet baby to grow baby grow and for peace for Katie and her DH) and I was super excited and it turned out I was going to have lots ot offer up for her, because within 5 minutes of her text, the next 3 came right in a row from my Mom who, while beaming from ear to ear said "Everyone is pregnant! M & J, G, and M & R! And S. just had their second, but their done." It took every. single. ounce of strength I had to not completely lose it. BUT! Oh, this is why I LOVE football. WVU went into the game facing No. 11 Oklahoma state barely expected to score. But score we did! It was a great great great game - and we won!!!! It was a great day to be a Mountaineer and for those 3 glorious hours, I thought very little of BFPs, pregnancy, baby bumps, any of it. I cheered and screamed and lost myself in this sport I love. A reminder to myself of why I need football. Oh, and the quarterback situation? Much. Better.........Except. He got hurt. Still waiting to hear if he can play this week.

So, this week, we head to Baylor for Week 6. Last year the score was WVU 70 - Baylor 63, yea it was fun! I'm not sure WVU is capable of 70 points this year, but our defense is much improved, so I'm hopeful. Well, if our quarterback is healthy.

Though, I would like to make a request of IF - please leave my football alone! Our next home game is in 2 weeks and I'd like it to be baby bump and BFP - free.  It's only a few hours on a Saturday. Is that really too much to ask?


  1. Blogger ate my comment! I have been thinking and praying for you lots. We cheered for WV Saturday! it was fun to watch. :)

  2. I always cheer for WV because of you! Unless, of course, they're playing the Huskers. ;)

  3. I will have you know that besides cheering for USC, I have added rooting in WVU because of you :) I am not a huge college football fan just so ya know.

  4. It is so hard when IF affects other things that seem like they shouldn't be subsumed by bumps and BFPs. Though I'm not at all a football fan, I had a similar struggle when one of my dance classmates was pregnant.

    BTW, I only just noticed your "don't let comparison steal your joy button," and I love it!

  5. I was wondering about the lack of WV-related posts! Thanks for clearing that up =) I'm so glad you had a big win day after all those announcements - it's fun to get lost in the action! (And I'm sure the adult beverages didn't hurt =)) And...I can't believe your mom said that to you. ughhh...makes me angry on your behalf...

    I cheer for WV now! Especially because they don't play Notre Dame, ha ha =)

  6. I understand your football love, I'm a Notre Dame grad. :) Oh the ups and downs, being glued to the TV cuz tickets cost arms and legs these days and the constant question of why can't we get a confident QB... oops, see there I go.

    You've been on my heart a LOT lately. Please know you are in my daily prayers.

  7. Not a football fan but I have a mother that loves to tell me about other women's pregnancies. Sorry...not really interested. She has never dealt with IF so I just have to accept that she doesn't understand.

  8. Hail to... Oh wait. I should be nice since you put out a prayer request for me ;) (and we don't even play each other anymore) I hope this weekend is better (IF-wise, of course, not football).

    1. Katie - I can appreciate your loyalty (however misguided it may be ;)...but I will still thank-you for not using 4-letter words on my blog :). I hope you are feeling wonderfully awful every morning and that your sweet baby is growing growing growing!

  9. It is a very good thing our college teams don't play each other. It might get ugly. At least I don't think they ever play you or intend to play you guys.

    But can I just say that the very fact that you write about football brings me such joy. You get it, you just get it. Solidarity!

  10. Luv, luv, luv that your such a footbal fan! I'm more of a pro-football fan (gotta love my Packers) than college fan, but GO WVU!!! I wait for football season all winter, spring, and summer. Yet another reason fall is the best season ever!!!