I'm Guest Posting!

My IRL friend and fellow NFP Teacher, Stephanie, writes a blog for Catholic ladies who are engaged and she asked me to guest post for her today. The title of my post is "Be Not Afraid: The Sex Post, Part 2."

Stephanie so beautifully and honestly shared some advice for those of you preparing for your wedding night who are approaching the altar as virgins. One commenter called her post “bold holiness” and I couldn’t agree more. It is with humility that I accept Stephanie’s request to write from another perspective.

I was not a virgin on my wedding night. That is just one of many things that leads to me being asked occasionally if I regret the many choices I’ve made, as my life looks very different today than it did almost 9 years ago when we were married. The answer that seems the most honest is this: No. I do not regret our past choices because without each one, made at precisely the time it was, we wouldn't be where we are today. We never set out to make a bad choice.  Each choice was made with good intention and based on the information we had at the time...

To read the rest, please visit Captive the Heart: Be Not Afraid: the Sex Post, Pt. 2. And when you're done, take some time to reach Stephanie's other posts, you'll love her as much as I do!


  1. Love your answer about regretting choices!

  2. How exciting to be guest-posting! I, too, love your answer about regretting choices. Thank you for your words, always insightful. I have included you in my "Liebster nominations," you can read about it here: http://wldhorse26.blogspot.com/2013/04/liebstera-real-meme-of-award.html

  3. I love your post. It's beautiful and I'm so glad you shared. :)

  4. "The laughter as we removed over 100 hairpins from my hair because I couldn’t lay down with them." Had this experience with not only the pins but all the fake hair extensions mixed in as well! =oP