Novena for Baby Lillie

First an update: Ania will be released tomorrow, but sweet Lillie will be staying in the NICU for up to 2 weeks depending on what the infection does. Both Ania and her DH are, understandably, very saddened to be leaving their sweet girl behind. But, Ania reported that a friend, who doesn't know about St. Therese or the request for prayers for her intercession, sent her pink roses. As we know, St. Therese always sends roses when she is interceding, so Ania is encouraged by that.

Second, I will be beginning this novena today: Little Flower Novena for Lillie's health and healing and going home soon, and Ania and her DH to have peace in their hearts as they head home and leave their sweet daughter in the NICU. If you would like to join me, please do!

Finally, Ania said the prayers mean the world to her.

(As before, please keep all encouraging comments and prayer promises here on my blog and not on Ania's blog or FB page.)


  1. I will join you in a novena to St. Therese!

  2. still praying! How hard! We have friends that we are visiting this weekend whose baby was premature and in the NICU for like 6 weeks. She is a healthy 7 year old girl today. But I know those first few weeks were so hard. We will pray for your intentions during our family rosary.

  3. I will join you as well! I'm so glad to get an update ... I've been worried about Lillie.

  4. Praying that the whole family is home soon!!

  5. I will definitely join you in this novena!

  6. Praying for Lillie , Mom & Dad too !!


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