Lillie is going HOME! Updated with Pictures!!

I just got the best text from Ania:

"We are coming home today! We were able to stay in a private room with her last night and it was wonderful! All she needs is one more antibiotic dose and a shot and we can go! Thank-you for praying!"

St. Therese, you rock! (I hope it's OK to tell a saint that she "rocks" ;))
All of you who've been praying, you are the best! (Yes, all of you are the best!)

Ania shared these photos with me and said that since it would be a while before she got a blog post up I could share them with you! So, introducing Lillie Therese:

Hopefully this is the last post from me about Lillie because that will mean all continues to go well and Ania will be sharing her daughter with us herself! (Until then, please keep comments here not on FB or Ania's blog :).)


  1. That is wonderful news! Praise God!! And yes St. Therese does rock :)

  2. Wonderful news. Thanks for all the updates.

  3. Praise! Merci beaucoup St. Therese!!

  4. What great news! Wow, St. Therese did not mess around!

  5. Oh sweet baby Lillie!! What a beauty! I love the 3rd picture - already showing some personality as in "get this camera out of my face!" We love Ania and baby Lillie. Can't wait to hear more about your homecoming!

  6. HOORAY!!!!! This is the some of THE best news I have had all day!!! :-D
    Ania, you have an adorable doll of a daughter! What a cutie pie! <3
    Continued prayers for Lillie to keep & stay healthy ... yes, St. Therese does rock! I think that perfectly sums it up. :-D I love seeing prayers answered so quickly!

  7. What a BEAUTIFUL little girl!!! So happy they are all finally HOME! :)

  8. YAY! Sweet pictures! that 3rd one made me laugh...she looks like a little old man who is NOT amused! :)

  9. sleeping with the baby on your chest is the best! Enjoy it as often as possible while you can. Henry is 2 months now and too squirmy to do it anymore. But it was so sweet while it lasted.