Quick Takes

1 - Latest (and honestly hopefully the last because that would mean all continues to be well) update about my Dad: He got to go home on Wednesday! He's doing really well and mostly just dealing with post-surgery tiredness and some pain at the incisions sites. It was melanoma for sure and, thankfully, the treatment for melanoma is generally to remove it. So it does not seem Dad will have to have chemo or radiation, he will just continue with regular blood work and chest x-rays. Thank-you all so much for all of your prayers, they were felt and appreciated.

2 - Dad got to go home on Wednesday and in my excitement and attempt to not run around my office high-fiving people, I sent a tweet that ended up being a bit cryptic and caused a couple people to think I was pregnant. Considering all the tweet said was "Best. News. Ever.", I can see now, looking back, how that might have been confusing. Honestly, my Dad going home and being OK really was the best news I could imagine that morning and I didn't even think how it would be received - oops! I will think before tweeting in the future (except during a football game).

3 - I'm still kind processing the election results. What it means for our country and our future. One thing I know for sure is that I will be upping my prayers for President Obama and those surrounding him. (I have a full post coming on this topic, I think.) We are quite clearly a house divided with such a close vote and that, more than anything else, troubles me.

4 - For the first time, voters voted in favor of same-sex "marriage". Personally, I am not surprised and in this instance I feel we have built our house on sand. The argument I find most persuasive for allowing two people of the same sex to marry is the one that goes something like this: Heterosexuals have already ruined marriage with affairs, divorce, cohabitation, etc. While I believe marriage is only possible between one-man and one-woman, to someone who does not share or fully understand this belief the argument mentioned is correct. I ask this question: why are we not fighting equally as hard to reform divorce laws and to create a society in which cohabitation is not an "easier" option? We have acted, as a society, like marriage is all about feeling and "love" and when you're not happy any more you can just leave. As a Church, we have done a terrible job of catechizing on the Sacrament of Matrimony and why it is sacred. All this to say, I am not surprised. Saddened, but not all surprised.

5 - This is the one cycle I needed to follow my "typical" pattern and have P+10 turn into CD1 so that I can have the saline-sonohysterogram next week and of course, it's P+14 today. It will be at least December before I can have the procedure done now b/c CDs 6 - 12 will fall when my doctor will not be at the hospital due to Thanksgiving. (As she should not be, please read zero frustration with my doctor, all with my stupid body.) I'm trying to focus on the fact that it was only 1 cycle between "good" cycles this time and not the usual 5 in hopes that maybe my body is figuring out just how it's supposed to work. But it feels more like my body is laughing at me. Ugh.

6 - I'd be lying if I said I wasn't hopeful in light of #5. These "pretty" cycles really do a number on me. I've spent most of my time in the car the last few days riding the roller coaster of hope and caution in my head. It usually goes like this: I start imagining I really am pregnant and telling people and what life will look like - then I try to reign myself back in to reality - then I panic that I might actually be pregnant - then I try to reign myself back to reality - repeat. It's exhausting.

7 - Have any of you seen the Bud Light commercial with the guys who have pre-football game rituals? The tag-line for the commercial is "It's only weird if it doesn't work." Well, as I was discussing my pre-game rituals the other day, The Man was quick to put out that they haven't been exactly working lately. A 3-game losing streak of 2 blow-out embarrassments and 1 double OT heartbreaker are what lie behind us heading into this week's WVU at Oklahoma State game. I'm not gonna lie, there's a part of me that would like to just skip tomorrow and wake up Sunday morning. (Kinda like I felt about Tuesday of this week.) I've got a few new rituals up my sleeve, including a new bracelet my stepmom bought me with the specific intention of hopefully helping to straighten things out (see? She gets me :)). I've already seen reports that it will be windy tomorrow - that doesn't help my nerves a bit. But, because I'm always optimistic and hopeful about my 'Eers, I'll be tuning it at 3:30 and cheering them on. Those of you who follow me on Twitter know what that means! :)

Have a great weekend and be sure to visit Jen for more Quick Takes!


  1. SO glad about your dad!! Yay for no chemo or radiation!!! Prayers for his continued recovery.

  2. Yay about your dad, we will keep praying! I know what you mean about the sacrament of marriage. We do some marriage prep. for our parish and people just don't know anything about it. It is almost like we are starting w/ blank slates as far as church teaching is concerned.

  3. Great news about your dad - hooray! An early Xmas present for your family =) I've had #2 experiences! More often, it's my husband (who is a naturally excitable sanguine) who starts off a story with "We just got the best news...!/You'll never believe it but...!" and the friend he's telling this to looks at us very expectantly and then the punchline is something like he found a new favorite coffee to roast or something like that! It actually crossed my mind in those moments that why can't I/we share genuinely good news - or even moderately good news! - without everyone assuming it's "the" news? I mean, there are other things to be happy about! (Like your dad!) I know no one means it this way, but sometimes it feels like a lot of pressure, like everyone is just waiting for "the inevitable"...which sure feels like it's taking its time!

    Have a great weekend!

  4. I'm so glad that your dad is doing better and no chemo!
    I agree completely about Marriage & your whole discussion about that. You verbalized it better than I could.

  5. I am right there with you right now on #6! It's P+15 for me. I'm going to pray that the goodness of this cycle for both of us has a beneficial outcome!

    So, so glad to hear about your dad. And I think you're spot on with #4.

  6. So glad to hear about your Dad!!!
    4)... At least in MD, it's a very liberal state, so I too was saddened but not all that surprised. I think from what I read after the election (I don't remember if it was AUL or NOM) that there have been 30 states who have voted against SSM. But you are so RIGHT!!! We need to do a much better job of showing what marriage IS - and encouraging those who struggle.

  7. So glad your dad is home! Praying about #5-6, of course. We should seriously meet for coffee. We could swap stories about crazy expectations and hopes and scenarios and fears of if they should come true. Never mind the 1,000+ miles in the way. We totally need to hang out! Seriously.

  8. I love that Bud Light commercial! I totally get it and you! I got so nervous during the Packer's Super Bowl against the Steelers 2 years ago that during the 3rd quarter I left the party (I was hosting it at my house for goodness sakes) and went into the kitchen and WASHED DISHES! I just couldn't take it. Well, they won. I have loved washing dishes ever since...LOL!

  9. Great news about your dad!!!!! We're continuing to pray for him up here.

  10. It's wonderful news to hear about your dad. I agree in praying for the president, and the state of our culture that votes for gay "marriage." I also will lift you up in prayer, friend. One day closer to a Best. News. EVER!!! miracle. I believe it.

  11. Hi Rebecca, I had left a comment, but I think it got eaten.

    I know well the exhaustion of the roller coaster of the two week wait. DH have had to take a break the past two month because of distance, and it's actually been a relief to have 100% certainty that I am NOT pregnant and that my period is coming.

    My continued prayers for your dad. Glad that chemo and radiation are not on the agenda.

  12. Awesome news about your Dad!!!

    Is it bad that I boycott twitter? I'm social media overloaded, lol. I sound old.

  13. So glad to hear the news about your dad!

  14. I'm so glad your dad is home! Hey, at least WVU has won some games; the only games UT has won has been to small schools! Some of the games have been close, though.

  15. 1. I am SOOOOO happy about your Dad. (I know I'm late to this, but I'm still happy about this post.)

    2. Your commentary on the election is refreshing in its honesty. Thank you for sharing. I really appreciate you putting yourself out there like this... it's brave and commendable.

    3. I totally get what a number a "pretty" cycle does on the mind and heart.

    4. The last one... oh my goodness, I felt sure you were talking about pregame rituals in baby making attempts. Rebecca, when you said the Man was telling you it wasn't working out, I thought, "Whoa! Personal!" and then when you were talking about the 3-game losing streak and 2-game embarrassing blowout... I thought it was all metaphors for busted cycles and bad baby dance timing and etc... then I burst out laughing remembering what a WVU fan you are, and I had projected the whole fertility thing onto your #7... because apparently in my mind, EVERYTHING is about baby making. Bheaheah :D Hugs and love!