Mountaineer Monday

When I brought Mountaineer Monday back last week, I had no idea just how awesome this weekend's game was going to be.

Someone texted me about 3 hours after the game asking: "Have you caught your breath yet?" and "What the heck happened to WVU's defense?" Well - those two questions summed up the game perfectly. It was a good old-fashioned Big XII shoot out - with passing records broken by half-time.

Ge.no Smi.th, WVU's quarterback, threw more touchdowns than interceptions - for those of you who may be reading this that don't follow football, this is A.MA.ZING! He threw the ball 51 times - only 6 of those were not caught and 8, EIGHT, of them were for touchdowns.

Usually I avoid ESPN at all costs after a WVU game, they love to hate us, but I was happy to DVR SportsCenter last night and enjoyed watching it (over and over and over) again this afternoon.

When Coach Holgorsen was asked "How could Geno improve his performance?" (REALLY?!?! who asks that?!) Coach responded by rattling off Geno's stats for the day and then asking "how would you improve upon that?" and when Geno was asked about the Heisman Trophy (awarded to college football's best individual player of the year), he said "I don't really care about the Heisman. We want to win all of our games and we need to do that one step at a time."

Finally, while Big XII play started Saturday, it's only up-hill from here. I heard a snippet of an interview in which it was surmised that WVU has the hardest schedule ever this season. The next 7 weeks have us going to Texas, then Texas Tech, then hosting Kansas State. We get a week off and then host TCU, then head to Oklahoma State, and finally, just before Thanksgiving play host to Oklahoma. I'm exhausted and stressed out just typing that. And frankly, my worries don't end there because we head to Iowa State the day after Thanksgiving before closing out the season at home with Kansas. The last two games are "on paper" wins, but I've seen what "on paper" wins play out like in reality and frankly would rather be facing a tough game in which we are the underdogs to finish our season.

Either way, if the rest of the season is anything like Saturday it will be amazing and horrible and exciting and stress-filled - just the way I like it! I'll leave you with some of my favorite photos from Saturday:

Usually at Mountaineer games we wear mostly gold. This game was a "stripe the stadium" game - and I think it looks pretty awesome.
Let's bring on the Mountaineers!
Final Score
Final stats.


  1. The game score was UNREAL! We were watching the Mizzou game but kept switching to the WVU game during commercials...and the score kept increasing and increasing. Once the Mizzou game finished, we watched the last five minutes of the game and were laughing when the commentators started talking about plays to run down the clock. With a score like that and 5 minutes to go, there was no "running out the clock" in the cards. They both kept scoring and scoring. Must have been a fun game to watch in person. Did the band get tired of playing the fight song after every score?? Did you even get a chance to sit down the entire game?? =)

  2. I saw the "stripe the stadium" deal and wondered how many fans were going to do that so it would really look like stripes. I'm IMPRESSED!!!
    I hate to have been a doubter, but I am not a huge football (or any sport) fan, so I should have realized the depths people will go for their team! Silly me. :-)
    Glad it was a great game!!!

  3. Great pics! Such a fun game when there's that much scoring! Oh, A. Ye of little faith. The fans will gladly be sure to be wearing the right thing. The Hawkeyes will do a "blackout" game. It's crazy seeing the entire stadium in one color (the visitors become very apparent). But I think the stripes sounds even better. Glad their first Big 12 game was a big win!

  4. I am a huge football fan!! This was a great game and I thought of you while watching. :) I am super impressed with the "stripe the stadium"!

  5. Holy cow! Tha looks more like a basketball score than a football one. Sounds like it was a crazy, exciting game.

  6. And we fans in Kansas City are chomping at the bit for our team to draft a quarterback next year. Maybe Ge.no will be a KC Chief! :)

  7. That game was CRAZY. I can't believe those scores. Much better than that Buckeye game they only won by a point haha :)