It's 5:50 on Tuesday afternoon and I've got some randomness to share.

Thoughts on Frankenstorm:

  • It did indeed hit. I spent most of last night flipping between the weather channel and cnn, with a few flips to the Monday Night Football to help keep me from having a full out anxiety attack. Not so much for what was happening here in my town, but elsewhere. NYU hospital, Lord have mercy.
  • I would love to share some pictures of our snow, but I'm still in my snowman PJs and haven't been outside except to clean off the satellite dish earlier this morning. Priorities people.
  • We have about 3 - 4 inches here in town, but within 30 minutes of us there is upwards of 7+ and in the mountains, there are feet of snow.
  • I've decided that it is all of the stores that have their Christmas stuff out early are the cause of all this October snow - poor Mother Nature is confused. Heck, even my Christmas cactus, Nick, has already started blooming. Silly plant.
Thoughts on Social Media:

  • It's definitely a love/hate thing, but I definitely kept up to date on storm coverage via Twitter and Facebook last night and today.
  • I've discussed my specific love/hate with Facebook groups 'round here before, but it got me thinking, would those of you on FB be interested in a Catholic IFers FB group? I know we have our blogs and I don't see the group changing my blogging habits, but sometimes i've got a question or need a quick prayer request. It can be a "secret" group - that's a technical FB term, really - that means it doesn't show up in your timeline or anything - basically what happens in the group, stays in the group :). Let me know if anyone is interested and I'll create it. (You can email me if you'd prefer that to a comment: RebeccaWVU02 at gmail dot com.)
  • I will be so. freakin. happy. when this election is over.
My Dad:

  • He just called to tell me his surgery will last 6 hours. Yikes that's a long time. We are meeting at the hospital 6am and he's scheduled for 9am. My kindle is fully charged and I'll be taking my phone charger.
  • The calm, sensible part of me says "he's in great hands, the surgeon is very optimistic, he's in good health, and it's only 1/2 a lung they are removing, you don't need 2 full lungs."
  • The panicky side of me says "but your grandpap (dad's dad) went in to have 1/2 a lung removed, ended up having 1 1/2 lungs removed, and didn't leave the hospital alive."
  • To which the calm part says again "but your pap smoked like a chimney and had major lung cancer."
  • Hmm, maybe I should have some wine before bed tonight.

  • WVU plays on Saturday at 3:00pm. We host TCU.
  • The guy who wrote the special arrangement of Country Roads for WVU's Marching Band is going to be there and at half-time they are bringing a baby grand piano onto the field and he is going to play with the band. Sounds like fun to me.
  • So far, the weather is sunny and cool. I'll take cool if it means we get sun.
  • If WVU doesn't win...well, let's just say it's probably best I don't go there.
I think that is all. Told you it would be random. This is what happens when I get a day off and I don't change out of my snowman PJs. Perhaps it's a good thing I work most days?


  1. Um... how do you get your Christmas cactus to bloom? Mine hasn't bloomed since I got it!!

    1. And I'd be happy to have a FB group... if I'm still allowed in :)

    2. Um, I have no idea - I just put it outside all summer and then when we got the first frost morning, brought it inside. (That's how I was told to take care of it.) I am horrible with plants, usually kill them. I love Christmas Cacti so I try to touch this one as little as possible and admire it from afar :).

      Of course you would still be allowed in!

  2. Will be praying for your dad!
    Like your theory for the snow, I agree Mother Nature has to be confused to come up with a storm that starts as a hurricane and ends as a Nor'Easter!

  3. I will be praying for your dad's surgery. St. Raphael the archangel, pray for us! You should have some chocolate w/ the wine :) I'd like to do be in a facebook group, we are under Jack Kat Crow, my hubby and I share a FB.

  4. Glad to get an update on how you guys are weathering the storm. I've been wondering how you are doing with all the snow. I'm praying for your dad. I hope everything goes well and he has a great recovery. I like your FB group idea.

  5. So glad you are safe during the Frankenstorm! I was thinking about you! I'm interested in the FB group, although I don't think I am currently FB friends with any of the IF bloggers.

    Prayers for your dad!

  6. Glad to hear the storm wasn't too bad there. I'll be praying for your dad. And I would be interested in a Facebook group--especially since I'm not exactly an IF blogger.

  7. I would LOVE an IF facebook group. Yes please. Also, crazy snow! I'm glad the storm wasn't too bad, but at least you got a day at home to relax.

  8. So tired of the storm coverage. The entire Today show the last 2 days has been nothing but that. Ugh.

    I wish we had snow here. So jealous!

    Would definitely be interested in the FB group

    Definitely have that glass of wine. Sending some prayers your way!

  9. Fun post! I for one LOVE October snow, even September snow, especially when it's paired with snowman jammies and hot cocoa. I guess it's a good thing I live in Colorado, huh?

    I hope your Dad's surgery goes well. I'll keep him in my prayers.

  10. I'm glad the storm isn't affecting you too much, though it's clearly causing a big impact! Praying for your dad; let us know how it goes.

  11. The storm coverage up here was ridiculous! Argh, the media just bug me sometimes.

    I'd love a FB IF group. I love that you have so much more initiative than I do.

    Praying for your dad!

  12. I'd be interested in the FB group.

  13. I hope you enjoyed that wine before bed last night :) Your father remains in my prayers. Please include me in the FB group. The support from this community can be so healing.

  14. Prayers for your dad! I am glad it didn't snow here ;) The FB group sounds a good idea..

  15. I think it's awesome that you have a Christmas cactus named Nick. Somehow, that makes me love you even more. I also will be very glad when the election is over. And I also think a FB group is a good idea.

    Praying for your dad! Feel free to text me during his surgery, I know just how agonizing it is to have to wait while a family member is in a long surgery! If you don't have my # I will fb it to you.

  16. Nick...haha love it!

    Disregard my email...I see now you did get snow.

    Prayers for your Dad and thanks for your prayers for my FIL.

    I'd be into a FB group even though I don't think I'm friends with any bloggers on there. Can I still join? I'm on there as Anastasia Viktoria.

  17. Okay, I will say it, I am bit jealous about all that snow you got, I would love that snow here. But I do understand it is a huge misery for some people and of course I hope everyone is safe. And I would be up for a FB group - Mary Mascarrello started a similar one a couple years back, but I haven't seen any postings in a long time and I don't know who was all in it. But pretty please - can I join? I will always say wonderful and pride inflating things about WV and the Steelers...except when they are playing the Badgers or the Packers. Deal? :)