First Cycle Review

It's been a while since I updated what is going on with the medical side of our IF. I had my first cycle review with P+7 blood work this past cycle, so I figure now is as good a time as any (I also updated our timeline as well):

At my appointment with Dr. D. in August, she ran a bunch of tests, with results being:

Positive for beta strep group - treated with amoxicillin for me.
Positive for ureaplasma - treated with doxycycline for me and The Man.
Thyroid within normal limits, but a bit high for TTC (3.19) - treated with 25 micrograms of Synthroid/day

17-hydroxyprogesterone was normal.
Other cultures were negative.

I also started a low dose of fem.ara and post-peak HCG on P+3, 5, 7, & 9. I survived giving myself shots, with extreme gratitude to the pharmacist who taught me how to do them!

My P+7 labs showed:

The Synthroid is working, my thyroid was within normal limits (and I was not surprised by this as I've had much more energy the last few weeks).
Estrodial - 106.1 - she said this was good (anyone know the range they are looking for?)
Progesterone 18.2 - she also said this was good (again, anyone know the range they are looking for?)

Finally, Dr. D. recommended a sonohysterogram or a saline sonohysterogram to look for endometrial polyps as a possible cause for the random brown bleeding.

I sort of feel like we are heading down a rabbit hole. Prior to my surgery, I knew there was something wrong and when the endometriosis was found along with the blocked tubes, I was so hopeful and yet, I just knew there was more. Now it seems like instead of reaching the answers, there are more twists and turns than anything else. I know it's all part of the process and that it is leading us towards better health and possibly parenthood. Sometimes, it just seems like a lot.


  1. Estradiol I am not sure of, progesterone looks great! I think anything higher than 22 or lower than 10 is out of range from what I remember my Napro Dr. saying. It does feel like a lot at times and though we are on a NaPro break right now I remember all we had to do and still have to do when we pick it back up. I will pray for you and the Dr. to solve the BB mystery.

  2. so glad you are getting more info and praying you get the answers you need

  3. I felt that way SO many times! I equated it to the whack-a-mole carnival game...as soon as you smack one down, another pops up in its place. I just kept telling myself we were one step closer even though it didn't feel like it. You're getting closer too.

    As far as hormone level normals, I know it varies depending on whether its pre or post peak. I wrote normal values down for post peak. They want progesterone above 15 (but levels 2.3 or above are indicative of ovulation) and estradiol above 150. I always asked my nurse for normal values when she called me with my results and it helped me keep stuff straight. Hope you can figure out the BB.

  4. No advice on the hormone levels just sending lots of prayers your way!!!!

  5. I felt (heck, I still feel!) that I'm constantly taking one step forward and two steps back! Napro can is a slow process
    and uncovering so many underlying issues is good, but crazy-making at the same time.

    Your doctor sounds like she is trying to be very thorough. I know that the procedures sound scary, but they're a good way to check things off the "list."

    Continued prayers!!!!

  6. That BB is so freaking frustrating. I had that. For a while, it seemed like the monthly antibiotics helped it, then it came back, and then I got pregnant. So, we didn't work on the next step for getting the BB resolved. I think the last piece of my puzzle was the low dose naltrexone, which I got on because I was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis, but I know LDN helps a lot of issues.

  7. I had BB for over a year. It would be a few days before my cycle started. I took HEAVY antibiotics and nothing would show up positive in test. I finally figured out it has been cysts that have been causing BB! The Napro docs could not figure it out. Getting HCG shots cleared it up. Hope this info could help someone too. God Bless.

  8. Sounds like you are going in the right directions. Dr. D is sleuth!! Talk to you tonight!!!!

  9. I don't know where US NaPro nurses get their definitions of what is "good" for hormone levels. I was told in August that my very similar levels (while on prometrium) were good, even though Dr. Boyle (isn't he the Dr. who has actually had more babies born to subfertile couples than Dr. H?) says that 110 – 220 pg/ml is the goal for estrodial and 18.5 – 31.5 ng/ml for progesterone. So maybe more isn't better, but I think it might still be good to let women know that they are barely over the line for "good?" Also, Dr. B says to check levels *every* cycle of treatment, but that doesn't seem standard here, which is a bit odd if one is uber-serious about achieving conception, no? 

    1. I questioned them being "good" b/c my luteal phase only lasted 13 days (and that was with HCG) and I had BB the last 3 days (in addition to the random mid cycle bleeding)...so, the ranges you listed make more sense with what I'm observing as far as normal vs. abnormal. I will start checking levels every cycle, last cycle was my first one, but it's a monthly thing now - lucky me.

  10. Also, three cheers for more energy! I hope that your treatment continues to allow you to feel better (in addition to the obvious goal!).

  11. Rebecca - on the progesterone, I don't know about non-pregnant luteal phase levels. I do know, though that it took lots of shots and lots of progesterone through 15 weeks for me and I still never hit over 18 until 15 weeks gestation and actually, my level dropped to 13 before I had to start the shots to maintain my pregnancy last time. So, I think Rae's range makes sense and that you are probably just over the line that is "normal" but you're more like "borderline" on that one...But of course, I'm no doctor.