The 3-Month Plan

It takes me a while for things to sink in, and while I've recounted the details of my appointment yesterday 4 times already, I think it is finally starting to settle in. Maybe it's because I'm finally writing it down; maybe it's because I'm exhausted. I'm not sure. For now, it's gonna be a "just the facts" kind of report, I'm not exactly sure how I feel about it all just yet, though writing it all out is making me realize it's quite a bit. There are a couple tests being run that I'm hoping will come back normal (it's nice to hope for normal for a change) and a couple I'm expecting to come back with issues, though it'd be nice if they didn't. Oh, and consider yourself warned that this is a random order and definitely crosses the TMI line...

Dr. D. was wonderful, a genius as E. said and very kind and respectful of my (our) preferences.

Dr. D. suspects that perhaps I do not have PCOS, but isn't completely sure. There was a hormone that was  borderline that she is rechecking. I can't remember which one it is (I'll update when I get the results) - I know it's not DHEA or the FSH/LH ratio (though I think she's checking those again too). I do know that this hormone also affects adrenals and if it is out of whack can present like PCOS and cause similar problems. (Hoping this comes back normal and that it is indeed PCOS- adrenal issues scare me.)

She is also not happy with my luteal phase (I'm not either) and said it's time to switch to HCG. I've got the prescription and will be calling the insurance company tomorrow to find out if it's cheaper to go through them or Ku.bat's in Omaha. I'm going to have to learn to give these shots to myself for 2 reasons 1) The Man hates needles - has panic attacks and 2) my travel schedule. I know it's mind over matter, but I can't say I'm excited.

She is also rechecking my thyroid. (Again, hope this comes back normal - thyroid issues also scare me.)

I will be starting femera next cycle to help with ovulation. (A note about this, I've never POAS and I never intended to unless I was darn sure it would be positive. HAVING to do it and knowing it will be negative is not. at. all. something I am looking forward to.)

I will start P+7 blood work and cycle reviews.

I will take B6 to improve mucus. She saw great fertile CM at the cervix and I had seen it externally for 3 days prior, but had not seen anything externally yet that day (it was mid-afternoon) and this is consistent with my recent cycles of some nice fertile days followed up by weirdness until peak.

Finally, in trying to figure out some of the random bleeding that I get, Dr. D. took cultures from my cervix (why yes, that is just as uncomfortable as it sounds). (This is the one I'm expecting will come back with issues, though it'd be nice if it didn't.) She also said that infection can contribute to blocked tubes and both of my were partially blocked.

No ultrasound series yet. Ania said that Dr. D. prescribed femara for her for a couple of cycles before doing the u/s series so I'm Ok with being patient on this. The u/s series is actually something The Man and I are not 100% sure about, so a few more months to consider and pray about it will be a good thing. (But don't worry TCIE, if I've gotta do it, I may as well get a cool button for my blog while I'm at it ;).)

If no BFP in 3 months, I go back for a follow-up.


  1. Interesting. I once thought I had PCOS (my doctor did bloodwork and we did find insulin resistance...but that was all).

    I didn't know an infection could cause partial tube blockage. what kind of infection? did they say?

    That cervix culture thing sounds way yuck. I'm sorry. :(

    Glad you're still pursuing. I hope you find some answers!

  2. I'll say it here too, I still have CRAZY hope for you my friend!

    I think E mentioned ACTH (adrenocorticotropic hormone)that has to do with the adrenals. Sorry the nerdo nurse in me just had add that.

    Here's hoping and praying for answers and success with Femara.

    1. That's it! (At least I'm pretty sure it is :)!). I was hoping you or E would come to my rescue and remind me - thanks!

    2. Just seeing this. It is a lot when you write it all down. But perservere! The ones that do typically are the ones that get pregnant. :)

  3. I'm glad you have a plan, because it's something to work on. I hope that it's the last plan you have to worry about for a while, at least about this!

  4. Sounds like a great plan and that you had a very informative appointment!!!

    Continued prayers!

  5. Wow, this sounds like a very thorough plan. While a great thing, I expect it might be a bit overwhelming to process, especially waiting on all those labs. I am praying for you!

  6. Sounds like a plan. don't worry about the hcg shots. Those are a breeze, and that's coming from a needle phobe.

  7. This plan is thorough indeed, hopefully you will get some concrete answers from the labs. I was on femara for a little while and did not experience bad side effects. I will pray for you and your husband!

  8. Sounds like Dr. D covered a lot of bases! I have lots of hope for you!!

  9. Good luck on the HCG shots! They have tiny needles, so it won't be a huge one you have to poke yourself with. I'll be praying for courage for the poke that you have to do. You are BRAVE! I'm a little weenie.
    Cervix cultures are the worst. OUCH! I'm hoping and praying that comes back normal. Adding the B6 & Femara should kick your lady parts into gear. :-) Here's hoping and praying for the next three months! You have a GREAT plan!!!

  10. Well, I am the type of person who has to have a plan so I would find some comfort in this plan. I hope that you do too! And I will keep lots of prayers coming your way!

  11. I am very glad that you like your new doctor. I hope that you are equally happy with the treatment! Okay, beyond happy, but we'll leave it at that.

  12. Sounds like some of your treatment plans sound like mine (after my recent surgery). Dr. S (Napro surgeon) told me definitively that I don't have PCOS too. Yay! I will also start HCG injections with my next cycle. We decided to wait one cycle after surgery to start HCG...since I need to heal. That all made sense.

    It's a good feeling to have a plan. I now feel like I'm in good hands and my woman health is being taken care of. Praise God!