Prayers and Encouragement Please

In this blogging world, especially the community within it of IFers, we dream of BFPs and babies and phone calls. We see the power of prayer over and over again as we lift one another up and witness miracles on an almost daily basis.

But sometimes the excitement and joy of the BFP turns to fear and sadness.

As faithful women, we know that out of the fear and sadness somehow, someway comes faith, hope and love.

Back during Advent when I participated in Prayer Buddies for the first time, I prayed for RMB at In her Footsteps. Now, she is pregnant with a sweet daughter - Marie, a sister for her son, and has received a poor prenatal diagnosis of Trisomy 18. They do not know if they will get to meet sweet Marie outside of the womb and if they do, for how long they will have her.

So, if I could ask you all to please go visit RMB. Share your prayers, your love, and your encouragement. This is what we do.