Moving: Bittersweet

7 days from the first boxed packed to everything moved to the new house. It's been a whirlwind, but it's done and I'm looking forward to spending the weekend organizing and unpacking - the only fun parts of moving.

For now though, I need to reflect on the bittersweetness of this move, and to end this Friday post on a positive, I'll start with the bitter:

Leaving "the" room. Again. It has now happened twice - a room that was meant to be a nursery has been left never realizing it's potentional. In our first home, it was never filled because we never felt ready; our plans didn't match God's plan and we'd even started to think maybe it wasn't in God's plan for us. In both homes, there was a room for children. In our first home, it was "someday". In the home we just left, this space was the final piece of the puzzle to feeling ready - our marriage was so much stronger, our finances were stable, and we finally had physical room. In fact, we started TTC in the days just before moving in. Never, not even as IF became evident, as I had surgery, and as we realized this is very likely a long road did I consider leaving that house without filling the room with a baby and their stuff. In the new house, there is a room that is being turned into an office and a room that is a guest room. Deep down, somewhere I'm honest with myself, I know what room I would put a baby in, but out loud and in my organizing it can't be. It just can't.

This was the only thing that was hard about this move. And yet, for a few moments of packing it was the only thing that mattered. The only thing I could focus on. The room I had to go back in just one last time to face reality.

And the sweet? Because there is lots of sweet! And while it can't remove the bitter completely, it does make it tolerable:

~There is a fenced in yard. My pups have already made it their own and love to spend hours outside chasing, playing, chewing, pulling sticks out of the fire pit, and watching the neighborhood.

~I am less than 2 blocks from Sara.

~No. more. carpeting! I've been dreaming of hardwood floors since I had to decide on carpet in our first home. (And on this topic - those of you with hardwood floors, any tips?)

~No more bats. (Seriously, the bat situation was waaaaaaay worse than The Man let on until after we had moved. He is a smart one that man, he knew I'd freak out and want to move out immediately if I'd known the reality. Poor guy was a bit traumatized when he cleaned out the attic - but assures me that never having to go back in there again makes it all OK. Just a side: we only ever saw bats 2x, they were contained to the attic except those 2x the door to the attic wasn't shut all of the way. While 2x is 2x too many, I am grateful.)

~All of our bedroom furniture actually fits in our bedroom. And a queen-size box spring fits up the stairs, so we can actually have a real bed again, not just a mattress on a floor.

~Closet space. Both our old house and our new house are old houses (which I love), but the new one actually has modern-sized closets! There's even a walk-in closet in the office that The Man graciously offered to me :)!

~A not-creepy basement. (Creepy basements don't necessarily freak me out - I didn't mind our old one, but a not-creepy baseemnt is much more user-friendly :).)

~A laundry shoot chute! I'm so excited I'm gonna say it again: A laundry shoot chute!!!!

I've been trying to read on my phone (we just got internet back yesterday plus I was out of town half this week) and keep up with you. I'm way too behind in commenting, but please know I've been praying for you all.

Have a great weekend!


  1. I'm so jealous of the laundry chute!!!!

    My floors are tile so no advice there...

    1. I knew I was spelling that word wrong! (I'm editing it now :)).

  2. A laundry chute...THAT is awesome! There's something about moving that is so renewing...happy for your new home!

  3. I so want a laundry chute!!! I need to remember that whenever we move into our "forever" home...not sure when that is or anything...but still want to keep that in mind.

    Congrats on the move! Can't wait to see! :)

  4. Congrats on the move! Glad your pups are liking the yard...getting ours fenced was the best thing we did! They love it! :)

  5. Congrats on the new place, have fun making it a home!!

  6. Congratulations on the move! I've never even seen a home with a laundry chute!

    My only tip on hardwood floors is to put thick felt pads (you can buy them in hardware stores) on the legs of your dining chairs so they don't scratch the floor.

  7. Congrats on the move! You're right that the unpacking and putting away are the fun parts. I have hardwood floors and I love them, but I'm renting so I don't have much to tell you for upkeep. (I promise I do sweep, though!)

  8. Congrat's on the new house. We invested in a steam mop (the brand that sounds bark) when we got hard wood floors,I have hardwood & tile in my house, so we got the 3-in-1 good on all types of floors. Yeah for fenced in yards, so much easier to let the dogs out & not have to worry about them & let them run instead of being on a chain.

  9. Hardwoods: if you let your dogs inside, take them to have their nails dremeled every few weeks to keep them nice and round and without sharp edges. Bona floor cleaner works great for cleaning. And, a roomba is awesome to have, especially for dog hair. I run mine every day.

  10. Dang... I am so jealous of that laundry chute!!! :) I think that was the first thing I really missed about my parents house after I got married and moved to a townhouse. It will be one of the first things on my list whenever we move!! :)
    I have hardwood floors and I vacuum once a week (well, a little less these days!) We also don't wear shoes in the house - I find that's really helpful for keeping out dirt! Once every few months or so, I use a spray floor cleaner and get down on hands and knees to wipe them.

  11. Your new place sounds wonderful! Congrats!

    I remember moving from our first home in Arkansas and leaving "the room" that should have been the nursery. It was very emotional. You remain in my prayers and I hope a little one finds his or her way to your new home very soon.

  12. I want a laundry chute too!!!!

    Congrats on the move! Your new place sounds great!

  13. I LOVE our laundry chute... not if you figure out how to get it back UP, let me know! Right now, I have Eric... looking for something a little faster?!?!

  14. I'm excited for the move ... a new, exciting, refreshing time. Anything is possible! Your pups are happy! You have HARDWOOD floors! And a Laundry Chute! :-) I'll be praying for someone to fill your spare bedroom. ((hugs))

  15. The fence is HUGE! We want one, but well, you know...that's kind of expensive. So, good for you! Moving is so exciting. I hope you are getting settled in and enjoying your new place. How do the pups like it?!

  16. Glad you're getting settled in. We had a laundry chute at my moms growing up and loved it!