A Pattern?

The last time I went to Dallas, we were fresh off of our last move. Today, I'm sitting in the airport - boxes still waiting to be unpacked and stuff everywhere in my house.

I'm off to a conference for work this week and then a few days visiting my brother and SIL next week before I head home.  (And hoping to see this lady - anyone else in the Dallas area???) The Man is looking forward to a week in which he doesn't have to hear me say "can you move these boxes?" or "I think that shelf should go here." (And I suspect many nights spent playing video games until he can't keep his eyes open ;).)

For now, I'm enjoying that for the next couple of hours there is very little that is under my control. So much has (and had to) be so planned and organized the past few weeks that I've been counting down to 9:15 today (when my plane takes off) for most of that time.

We've been busy - hello, moving in 7 days?!?! When will I learn? ("Never" ~The Man)

We've had fun - The Dark Knight Rises (a.ma.zing!) - Pirate baseball (they may just have a winning season - first one in over 20 years) - dinner with family - and more!

We've settled in - after a brief freak-out by Mei Mei, in which she shredded, completely shredded, her bed because her crate was across the room from Kali instead of right beside her, we've settled into a new routine of mornings and evenings and enjoying our new home while unpacking (seriously - where does all the stuff come from?!?!).

And now, somehow it is almost August and I've yet to spend a day sitting by the pool doing nothing - thrice foiled by moving and weather - and yet, it's been a good summer so far.

Soon, I'll be settling back into my usual travel schedule - which would have made a move in 7 days nearly impossible. I'll be heading back to Black Rock for another week with Christo.pher We.st and Theology of the Body; I'll be stacking up the blue and gold and geting ready for football; Life will continue to move forward.

For now, for today? I'm looking forward to someone else driving the plane and relaxing while I travel.   I'm enjoying this pattern of "move" then "go to Dallas a week later". Next time though, I think I'll just take the latter.


  1. It is a tiring world when a work trip to Dallas counts as a chance to relax! ;-) But then again, I'm just not in love with airports.

    I hope that the conference is relaxing and at least a little fun.

  2. Hey! My sister and her new husband just moved to Dallas!!! They arrived at their new apartment yesterday. Dallas has been on my brain lately. Hope you enjoy some rest, some relaxation, some lack of control. :)

  3. That's why I like flying ... someone else has to "drive" and get you there ... and you can relax while they're doing it. Most of the time your bags are taken care of & not lost ... AND you get some great refreshments offered to you instead of you rooting around yourself ...
    So YES, RELAX and enjoy that plane ride! And forget about the moving stress. It can wait. Have a SAFE TRIP!!!

  4. I'm In Dallas! Well, Fort Worth actually but close enough :) How long will you be here?

    1. I'm here until Aug. 1! Email me at RebeccaWVU02 at gmail dot com if you'd like to try to meet up :). I'm at a conference until Sunday morning and then visiting my brother until Wed.

  5. Have fun, blogger meet ups are the best!