Thankful Thursday

This week I am thankful for (it's a short list this week only because my brain is distracted by the awesome Survivor episode I just watched - pathetic, I know):

  • A chance to go run last night. It gave me a chance to clear my head and pound my feet on the pavement. I really need to do a better job at making my exercise time a priority.
  • A weekend away with Sara. Even if it is to run a 5k (me) and a half-marathon (her). Look out Pittsburgh - here we come!
  • Wednesday night TV - The Man goes to a friend's house and I'm left all alone with my favorite 50" friend :). Yes, I realize how sad this sounds, but it works for us.
What are you thankful for this week?


  1. Don't knock the TV ... Some days it's my BFF too! Especially the days when the mind needs a break. :-)
    Hope you have a great run this weekend!!!

  2. Oh yes, thank God for the TV -- even if it's still my tiny one from university!

    Good luck on the run!

  3. Great job on getting out there to run! I know that I do better with dedicated time for working out. But actually getting that done is difficult!

  4. Good luck in Pittsburgh! :) Home sweet home. :)