Happy Easter, Prayer Buddies, & Pedicures

Happy Easter to you all! Our Priest gave a beautiful homily during the Vigil Mass, that related so well to IF I think it deserves a post of its own. I will say that I am feeling better and somewhat more hopeful - allowing myself to feel the weight of my cross and not smile it away on Good Friday I think truly helped. And seeing the 5 children I teach become Catholic at the Vigil - well, how can that not make a person happy?!? Saving souls...that's what it's all about isn't it?

This Lent, I had the privilege of praying for Amanda from All in His Perfect Timing. It has been so hard to keep it a secret, especially in the days, heck hours!, leading up to her sweet Luke's adoption! It was an honor to pray for Amanda's intentions and for her sweet family. If you don't know Amanda, please go visit and congratulate her on becoming a Mommy just in time for Easter!

I was also honored to learn that JellyBelly was praying for me. Thank-you so much for all of the prayers, I can assure they were felt and appreciated - so much!

Yesterday, my mom loaded up her car and we loaded up ours with all of the things needed to make an Easter dinner and early birthday celebration for me at my Nan's house (she has had some health problems and wasn't up for traveling to us). It was a great day - even though I totally screwed myself over by eating not only 1/2 a sandwich, but also a piece of Easter Bread made by  my Mom and a piece of Pascha bread (one of my favorites!) during lunchtime. By dinner, with my headache sort of under control thanks to some meds and my stomach in a full-temper tantrum I was very clearly reminded that Me+gluten = bad news! Lots of water, 24 hours, and all gluten-free food later and I'm recording this to remind myself for the next time I decide to cheat.

Wait, this is supposed to be about pedicures!

I spent the night at my Nan's to help her out around the house and take her on some errands this morning. Well, one of her errands was to get a pedicure and she treated me to one too. I sure hope at 83 I'm still getting pedicures and that I have a granddaughter or 2 to take me to get them! It was a good morning spent together. And I have beautiful toes as a souvenir :).


  1. Happy Easter, Rebecca! Can't wait to see you on Thursday!! :)

  2. I was BAAAAAAAAAAD with food this weekend too and definitely paid for it as well. Ditto on the terrible headache. Back to GF for me too!

  3. I will be continuing my prayers for you dear Rebecca!!!!

  4. Blessed Easter to you! What a beautiful thing to have a grandma to spend time with. And how kind of you to be there to help her.

  5. Happy Easter to you too!!!
    Thanks so much for the prayers! Everyone kept asking how I made it through the whole ordeal and I didn't have an answer at the time (prayer buddies was the last thing on my mind!), but it was thanks to your amazing selfless prayers!
    I'm glad you were treated to a pedicure! How fun that your grandma does that! She sounds like a blast!

  6. Joyous Eastertide! I nominated you for a meme that came to me from my Irish friend Jennifer, if you are interested, pop over and read the "rules."