Thankful Thursday

This week, I am thankful for oh so much I am not even sure where to begin. This will probably be longer than usual and a little rambly, but here we go...

  • Safe travels to and from Harrisburg.
  • A successful surgery that did indeed provide hope with endo removed and tubes cleared.
  • Family who traveled the almost 4 hours to be with us...my Dad who was waiting for us at the outpatient surgery center when we got there at 6:30 am and my in-laws who stayed Tuesday night to help us with anything we needed. I will never be able to tell them all how grateful I am.
  • For Dr. S. A doctor who prays with you before surgery and entrusts you to the care of Mary, that is a special man. As I said to my dad "It's such a blessing to have a doctor who doesn't think he is God, but rather asks for God's help."
  • For endo removed.
  • For clear tubes.
  • For hope.
  • For bloggy friends who drove from near and far to see me. Humbled doesn't even begin to describe it. Thank-you TCIE, Polkadot, Ania, and E (my FCP). (Ania has a beautiful recap that I'd just like to say "ditto" to :)).
  • For The Man. He is my rock. He's witnessed and experienced things no husband should be asked to experience and done it without batting an eye.
  • For Jenny offering to post an update for me. Thank-you so so much.
  • For the pre-op pep-talk from Hebrews.
  • For the texts and love from Alison.
  • For the prayers and sweet comments left on this blog.
  • For no bad side effects from anesthesia.
  • For the sweet nurses who were so kind to me from start to finish; specifically for Linda who held my hand while the anesthesia was being administered.
  • For getting to wear my own socks.
  • For new sweatpants.
  • For phone calls and texts from Nicole.
  • For dinner with C. and her family the night before.
There is so much more, I could probably go on for days. I will write a more complete wrap up tomorrow. For today, I am thankful. More thankful than I thought it was humanly possible to be. For once, the tears are happy tears and there just aren't words for how good that feels.

What are you thankful for this week?


  1. I'm so glad there are happy tears. I'm so glad there is hope. Praying for your swift recovery!

  2. I am SO glad things went so well; been thinking of you a lot and praying for you! Yay, hope!!!

  3. Glad everything went so well and that you are feeling happy and good!

  4. I.LOVE.IT!!! I pray that you continue to be blessed!

  5. So much to give thanks for, so glad it went well. Praying for a smooth recovery and many happy events in 2012!

  6. Woohoo!!! So amazing! I am praying for that hope to be realized and for many more blessings to come!

  7. YAYYAYYAY! I'm just SO THRILLED that your surgery went well and you are moving in the right direction! YAYY! :) :) I wish I could give you an IRL hug!!!!

  8. I am thankful for a great surgery for YOU!!! :) It sounds like everything went really well. Praying for a quick recovery!! :)