Thankful Thursday

This week, I am thankful for...

  • This exchange on FB messenger with my MIL (um, yes, there were tears when I read this):
    • MIL: Don't want to intrude, but if you guys would like, we could come over to wait with The Man on the day of the procedure. This is a good opportunity to get some good information/answers.
    • ME: No intrusion at all. I will leave that up to you guys and The Man...I think my Dad is also planning to come over as well...I'm sorry this is such an inconvenience and not closer to home.
    • MIL: Not an inconvenience. Repeat after me, "what an opportunity."
  • This exchange with The Man via email after geting his se.men an.alysis back (it was mostly good news) (and yes, there were tears when I read this too)
    • ME: I love you...it seems most of our problems lie with me...I'm sorry I'm broken.
    • The Man: Not broken! God made you perfect. He has a plan, we're only human. Not meant to know the big picture for our lives.
  • A friend offering prayers for "faith, hope, and joy amidst all this crap." If we can remain faithful, hopeful, and joyful no matter what the outcome we are blessed beyond measure. I am grateful for these prayers.
  • Oh yea. Good SA results! Count, motility, and grade all well above average (yes, The Man totally did a little "I'm better than average" cheer.) Morphology slightly under average, but Dr. S. has a plan and will share it with us on Monday.
  • Getting to meet TCIE, Polkadot, and my FCP in person next week! Too bad I'll be a day post-op and probably won't be tons of fun.
  • Most importantly this week, for all of the encouragement as surgery comes next week and for family who is willing to rearrange their lives to drive 4 hours to sit in a waiting room with The Man.
  • AND...comment threads on blogger!!!! Yay! Yay! Yay! (Click here for directions.)
What are you thankful for this week? Link up below or leave your thankful intentions in the comments. As always, thank-you for joining me!


  1. Yeah for the SA results. At least that is one problem you can check off the list! Hoping your surgery brings answers and is easy breezy for you!

  2. We will offer prayers for your surgery. I am also thankful for strong support networks.

  3. Awww...The Man's text brought tears to my eyes. What a keeper! :)

  4. Great list!
    So glad you and The Man are getting so much wonderful support in preparation for surgery day.
    Continued prayer!

  5. Prayers for you for the surgery!

    Also, the reply feature is AWESOME! Thanks for sharing!


    I sent you an e-mail about an SD card. I hope you got it and didn't think it was spam. :)

  6. I know I have been quiet lately, immersed in my own struggle, but I want you to know that you are on my heart and mind so often. Thank you for sharing thankful moments... there are so many aren't there? In the midst of all the pain? I am praying for you. For miracles. For healing. For hope.

  7. Awww, I love your MIL's dialogue with you ... and your hubby's. :-) So SWEET!!!
    My in-laws came to Omaha when I had the procedure (a 4 hr drive) as well as my parents. They ALL love you so much and want the best. And of course to get the direct info from the doc as well. It really makes me happy that you have an amazing family support.
    Keep us posted as we'll be PRAYING for you during your procedure.