Surgery Wrap Up

To say that everything went smoothly this week would be an understatement. It is Friday morning and in a couple of hours I go back to "the real world" when I head south for a Marriage Preparation Weekend. I was fully prepared to not be able to make this trip today and to be feeling pretty miserable.

But I don't. I actually feel really good. I do get tired a bit faster than usual, but I've been napping and taking it easy when I do. I also have a few naps planned for this weekend as well to make sure I don't over do it.

Surgery has proved to be all of the things you all promised it would be: easier than I expected, healing, hope-providing, answer-giving. I won't know the full details of the "plan" from here until my post-op on the 15th, but I do know that for today at least I am endo-free and have open tubes. A few questions remain, specifically related to the BB and low progesterone...was the endo contributing to one, both, or neither of these (there was endo on at least one of my ovaries)? If not, what can we do about them?

I have only positive things to say about H.oly Sp.irit Hos.pital and everyone I came in contact with there. From the very first nurse who walked me back to the outpatient surgery center in the morning to the volunteer who pushed my wheel chair out the doors in the afternoon, everyone was kind and caring.

The moments that Dr. S. took to pray with me before we went into the operating room and {trying, they took my glasses} to focus on a crucifix on the wall while waiting for the anesthesia to kick in were the two moments when I knew very clearly that this path was the correct one for us. In fact my only tears of the day were saying good bye to The Man and when Dr. S. and I prayed together.

I remember when I was just waking up and a nurse was giving me pain meds and then Dr. S. came over to talk to me. I don't know if my eyes were open or not, because I remember thinking "pay close attention to what he says so you remember" and I remembered almost all of it. I only had to get clarification from The Man on whether or not he was able to clear the partially blocked tubes. Considering I have a hard time remembering auditory information when I'm coherent, I'm pretty proud of myself.

I think the most important thing for me is that Dr. S. felt this surgery was needed and will give us a good chance of conceiving. This was my biggest worry, mostly because when The Man and I were deciding what to do, we agreed that if Dr. S. were not retiring we would have probably opted for a few more months of the meds I recently started (Met.formin and prometrium (switching to HCG)) to see if they would "fix" the problem without surgical intervention. But, when factoring in the news that in a few more months, if the meds didn't "fix" the problems we would be having surgery with someone else we weren't willing to risk a "should've done" situation. We went NaPro because we were confident in surgery with Dr. S. So, to have our concern confirmed, that no amount of time would have removed the endo or cleared my tubes we are so grateful to have proceeded as we did.

So, where does this leave us now? Hopeful. So hopeful that I have tried to temper this hope because I know this ride may not be over. I am actually more hopeful now than I was the very first TTC cycle, how weird is that? I have that "we're gonna get pregnant on the first try" feeling and while I'm grateful for it, I'm also scared of it. I don't want to set myself up for disappointment, but I also don't want to be negative and gloom and doom. I'm searching for some middle ground here and trying to be realistically hopeful. I do think it is a good thing that there will not be any "trying" until after my appointment on the 15th and that will help to keep me balanced.

Thank-you again for all of the prayers, emails, texts, FB messages, calls, everything. I tried to explain this whole blogging thing to The Man on the way to Harrisburg on Monday and I've just come to understand there is no way to explain it. You either "get it" or you don't. Thank-you for allowing me to be a part of the blessed ones who do.


  1. I just love Catholic doctors and Catholic hospitals. I wish I didn't have to travel so far to see them! Glad you are doing well!

  2. I'm so glad you are doing so well! I had a feeling you would bounce back quickly. :) Hooray for hope and healing!

  3. That's so great your recovery is going so well! That makes is all a little easier! And I think you are wise to have hope and to be cautious at the same time. The middle ground is always best. But know we are all praying for BFP very very soon!!!!

  4. Have a wonderful weekend, take care of yourself! Glad that things went well and you felt well cared for, and can now enjoy the hope of any average couple of a BFP in the next 6-8 months :-)

  5. I'm so happy and smiling so big over your update! I'm SOOOO glad you went with Dr. S when you did and hearing that it was so worth it and how good you're feeling makes it all better.
    I have such a good feeling about the months after the surgery ... especially with the unblocked tubes. I can't wait for "the plan" at your followup on the 15th! Have a WONDERFUL weekend!

  6. So glad to hear about your surgery experience!! How truly beautiful to have a doctor PRAY with you before surgery-gotta love our Catholic doctors!

    Praying that good things are around the corner and that that hope stays burning brightly within you!!

  7. So happy to hear you are doing well, staying positive, and recovering swiftly. Blogging-you are right. Either you do or you don't. :) And that's okay.

  8. This is all just so great to hear! Sounds like you were exactly where you needed to be, being taken care of by exactly the right people.

  9. So glad it went well! What a great support system you have!

  10. Continued prayers for your recovery!

  11. I am hopeful with you, friend. Praying for you...


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