Prayers for Life

Back in October a Priest directed me to offer up my pain of IF for those victims of abortion. TCIE has also written about doing this and both times it made such sense to me. I would like to say I have been consistent in offering up my pain, but more often than not I offer it for my fellow IFers instead. I'm not exactly proud of this, but it is the truth.

With all of that said, I am going to begin a 14-day prayer for life to end on Monday, January 23 - the March for Life day and I thought I would ask if anyone would like to join me.

My basic plan:
To pray a rosary and a divine mercy each day with intentions for the ending of abortion, for the conversion of those who believe the lies they are told, and for the healing of those affected by abortion.
To pray the prayer to St. Michael each day, if we ever need protection from the snares of the devil, it is in this fight.
And to attend mass or adoration as much as possible (each day to do at least one is my goal).

I will post more details on Monday, January 9, including a button if you'd like to join me. The 14 days will be January 10 - January 23.


  1. Sound great! I'd love to join you!

  2. Beautiful! I'm already doing a 54-Day Rosary Novena, so I will add this to my list of intentions :)

  3. I love the idea. I'll be trying to do at least one every day for this intention as well. I was just at our Respect Life meeting last night and was so sad about how pervasive Planned Parenthood has become in our culture...Girl Scouts (oh my!)...to where even Catholics are okay with supporting certain things to avoid "the bigger pain/hassle" of hurt feelings. :(

  4. That's beautiful, Rebecca. We'll be joining you in praying to Our Lady daily for this specific intention.

  5. Love this! I'll definitely be joining you! :)

  6. I love this idea... I would love to join!