December Appointment with Dr. S.

So, have I mentioned I went to see Dr. S. a couple of weeks ago? (Hehe)

Well, it was a lot to process from all of the technical information to the emotional stuff, but here is my best shot at it.

Technical Stuff:

  • Appointment was at 7:30, scheduled for an hour, we left at 9:30. More on this below.
  • My FCP was right, that was the most thorough pelvic exam I've ever had, including a re.ctal exam. (TMI? sorry!).
  • Recommendations for a laprascopy early this year to determine if there is something physical causing our IF.
  • Recommendations to switch from prometrium to HCG (I experienced horrible headaches reminiscent of my days on the pill the first month but wasn't completely convinced it wasn't all of the junk I was eating. Dr. S. was supportive of trying the prometrium one more month to be sure it was the cause. As my headaches have been worse this go around (one more day, thank God!) I will be switching to HCG next month. Hmmm, going from never even having blood drawn to giving myself shots in less than 7 months...
  • Lots of questions by Dr. S., agreement that there is most likely PCOS factoring in and (my own impression) some mild surprise that I wasn't showing obvious signs of endometriosis.
So, overall, not a ton of answers but I guess I really didn't expect any more than I already had without surgery. I'm just waiting to get a call from the surgery scheduler and I'll know more.

Emotional Stuff:

  • I have never in my life had such a good experience with a doctor (even considering bullet point #2 above). The Man (who works in a rehab/fitness center as a massage therapist) was extremely impressed as well with everything about Dr. S. and his whole staff. I am grateful for the time and care that was given to us.
  • Even though I wasn't really expecting more answers, there was a small piece of me that was hoping for a "oh, well, here's your problem! do this and you'll be pregnant in no time!" So, that was a small disappointment, but I know it was an unrealistic expectation.
  • Some major validation that the headaches I used to experience were totally related to the pill and just how horrible I felt, but had gotten used to while on the pill. So glad that there is another option for getting increased progesterone in my body.
  • Scared to death about having surgery. I've never had anything stronger than Novocain as far as an anesthetic goes, so being completely out is frightening, not to mention that it is 4 hours from home in a completely unfamiliar hospital. (My mom is a nurse and I am extremely comfortable in the hospital where she works, other hospitals freak me out though.)
  • A weird mix of fear and hope about what the surgery will show, coupled with the wish that I don't need it.
We are glad we went and are at peace with the way things will move forward. We are grateful for good health insurance as without it, none of this would be an option for us right now.


  1. I am glad you posted this. It's interesting that the prometrium gives you headaches. I don't remember that happening for me when I took it. Giving yourself shots is a weird thing. When I had to take Progesterone shots in my last pregnancy, Craig gave them to me. I had to travel early on so my sister's doctor gave them to me when he couldn't and she was surprised I wasn't giving them to myself. So I wonder if there is a way I could do that (should I ever need those again).

    It is interesting...I've had this weird peace surrounding my prayers for you this month. I'm anxious to see how this all pans out.

  2. Keep hanging in there and know that you have a lot of people praying for you!

  3. I'm glad that things seem to be coming together, but you're right, it would be really nice if you didn't need it. Praying for healing!

  4. Sounds like things are coming together :) Hopefully you will get some more answers that will lead to your baby :)

  5. HCG is liquid gold!! I make my hubby give the shots though. But they are easy and basically painless. I felt great on the HCG.

    AND being completely knocked out is actually what I prefer. It's so easy! Just go to sleep and wake up and it's over! The laparascopy is easy peasy unless they do a ton of work while in there, then there's a bit more pain. Mine was only diagnostic (too much to fix at the time) and I was back to 100% in less than a week. Don't be scared...the lap will just be a blip on your radar. Praying for ya!

  6. Even though it stinks you have to go through all this, thank God we have the technology out there to help you to find answers!

    Just know you have a lot of support and love and prayers heading your way!!!

  7. Praying for peace for you in all of this.

  8. I, too, expected miracle answers when I first started seeing my doctor. As far as the surgery goes, it will be easy. You might have some abdominal discomfort for like 2 days, and then you'll be fine. :)

  9. I am going to beg my Napro doc to put me back on HCG for this cycle. I LOVE HCG!!!!!

    Surgery is so scary, but so healing. I wish that I didn't wait four years before my first surgery, but hindsight is always 20/20.

    If you have any specific surgery questions you know where to find me!

  10. I agree, sounds like you're on the path to healing. I hope soon!!!

  11. I'm glad to hear you felt good about your apt with Dr S. I hope the path you walk in 2012 will be a good journey.

  12. I've missed you on my hiatus! Glad to hear you've got a plan for the next few months. I cannot agree more about how wonderfully thourough they are!

    I was scared about surgery too. I'm glad I did it though. I've been feeling much better just 4 months out now.

    Hoping more answers come your way soon!

  13. Hugs & prayers!
    Happy to help in more concrete ways whenever/however.

  14. Wow!! How very exciting to be getting some answers and making steps that will hopefully help!! I'm praying for you!!

  15. I have to get my act together and add you to my blogroll... because I can't believe how much I've missed of your updates!!!

    I'm so excited for you! Dr S is wonderful :) And let me know when you schedule you surgery, because I will definitely be coming out for a road trip to visit you!

  16. Thank-you so much for all of the encouragement.

    Hebrews comment made me realize I left out a small piece - Dr. S. is going to do an advanced HSG while he's in there (so I don't have to have a separate one done - and he'll do a thorough one, not the regular one).

    Oh, sorry...and HSG is a really long word that means an ultrasound where they send dye through your fallopian tubes to see if they are clear or blocked.

  17. I'm so glad that you love Dr. S! It makes all the difference in the world that you trust your doc. The ladies are right ... the lap will be ok ... you will be ok. You will get more answers from it and check off more "unknowns." I'm praying that you get the answers you need this year!