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Happy Friday! #7 has an important question...

1. Thank-you all for your kind comments on my blogoversary post, I wish I could give you all the ornament! But, I can't, so....the winner is CM from Confessions of a Catholic Mutt! Congratulations!!!
Here's proof...
Please email with your mailing address and your WVU Snowflake Ornament will be on it's way.

2.  Christmas Cards. Um yea, maybe I should do those.

3. Sara made me a gift that brought me to {good} tears. She is an awesome knitter and made me this:
Sara took the photo also!
It is a cowl made from the best yarn and is super warm, but the part that brought me to tears was two of the things written on the card: 1) it is called a "Good Luck Cowl" and 2) In Chinese culture red carries a largely positive connotation, being associated with courage, loyalty, honor, success, fortune, fertility, happiness, passion, and summer. It is this second part that brought the waterworks forth. Sara is my oldest, bestest friend and each of these words have a place in our friendship, but of course seeing that she picked a color that had to do with fertility is what touched me so deeply upon reading it. However, rereading the words I am struck by all of them, by how much they describe our friendship and Sara. I've sent her a text saying it and I'll say it again here, I'm not sure I'll ever be able to thank her in person because of the emotions wrapped up in the two words that mean so much "Thank-you." At least not without completely losing it.

4. When Ania asked what kind of dogs I have I realized I have been a horrible blogger when it comes to sharing about my girls. Here is a video of a typical occurrence in our house. Kali is the black dog, she is a Shar Pei/Dalmatian (Sharmatian) Mix and Mei Mei is the brown and white dog and is an English Sheep Dog/St. Bernard/Argentinian Dog (English St. Dogo - ha!) Mix. Kali is not typically friendly to any other dog or people other than The Man and me, in fact we weren't sure if getting Mei Mei was a good idea last year, but it has turned out way better than we ever could have imagined. With that said, we certainly never thought this would happen:

5. As stated above, Kali isn't always friendly to others, but she is super smart all the time and super loving once she gets to know you. Mei Mei is super loving all of the time and we are hoping she gets smarter as she gets older - ha! For now, she just follows Kali around and it's very cute. As long as she's not chewing something up (power cords, shoes, mattresses/box springs) I'm OK with the less-than-smartness.

6. I'm so relieved to hear that I'm not the only one enjoying shopping in my PJs and taking advantage of my Amazon Prime account. It's like a little mini Christmas at our house every day because there are packages arriving constantly. So fun! It is definitely lifting my spirit, well that and it's CD 9 or 10 so my hormones are finally back in order...for at least a couple of days, right? I'm trying to enjoy feeling somewhat normal while I can because I know it's short lived.

7. Monday is my first appointment with Dr. S. My FCP has been helpful in giving me some guidance as to what to expect and to write all of my questions down, but I'm asking you all for some suggestions. What questions should I ask? Anything I should not ask? Anything I should expect that you were not expecting? Thank-you in advance...

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  1. Your dogs are cute! What a sweet gift your friend made you. Looks like she's an awesome knitter!

    I don't really have any advice on what you should ask your new doctor. It all depends on what your symptoms are. I hope you have a great appointment!

  2. Love the video of the puppies playing! Thanks for sharing. You can never post too many puppy pictures!

  3. Aww, what sweet pups! I'm glad they're getting along. We're hoping to get a dog as soon as we fence in our new back yard:)

  4. Rebecca,

    Just letting you know that you're in my prayers today.

  5. Hooray for Best Friends! Yours is definitely a keeper!!!
    Your puppies are so cute! They've got a pecking order, I'll say. How fun! I just love animals. :-)
    As for questions for your doc ... that's a good one. Maybe questions about the treatment for if you have X, Y or Z and how aggressive he is in treatment? His success rates?
    You're in my prayers for Monday!

  6. Glad I got to "meet" your pups! I'd have lost it with the gift you received as well. The thoughtfulness she put into it is heartwarming!

    I'll be seeing Dr. S, while Dr. D is out on leave for the next 6 weeks. I waited on ?'s until I was diagnosed with PCOS. Then I had tons of ?'s about what treatment looked like. I always write stuff down b/c I forget unfamiliar things quickly. I always seem to think of ?'s after I'm home, so I write them down and save them for my next visit.

  7. I have been reading but sometimes not able to comment due to being at work!

    Looove the cowl.. wow.

    Dr. S... no suggestions come to mind on specific questions except that whatever questions you DO ask, he likes to answer then thoroughly. :)

  8. Yay! I'm excited to become an honorary WVU fan! And I love ornaments from people. I have ornaments that people gave me in high school, and I still think of them every time I put them on the tree.

    Thanks for the video advice! I may have to try that.

  9. Praying for a fruitful appointment for you Monday!

  10. YAY for CM!!!
    That cowl is absolutely beautiful! And your girls: sooo cute!

  11. The cowl is beautiful, and so is the sentiment. Just the last two words are wonderful--who wouldn't want a life full of passion and summer?!

    Best wishes for your appointment!