Quick Takes Monday

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Happy Friday Monday!

1. Yes, I know I'm late. Blogger wasn't cooperating on Thursday night and I didn't get home until late Friday night (see Thursday's Thankful Thursday post as to why I can't post from work). Please forgive me for being late?

2. I have a request. If you have a Blogger blog would you please enable your mobile template, pretty please? Here's how:
First - from your "Overview" page, click on 'Template' on the left.
Second - click on the the little spirally thing under the 'Mobile' box/preview (if you are not enabled, it says 'disabled' on the box).
Third - select 'Yes. Show mobile template on mobile devices.'
The default setting will work just fine thank-you :).
Fourth - click 'Save' and close the window.
Fifth - make me a very happy blog-reader-who-reads-lots-of-blogs-on-my-phone :).

Thank-you in advance!

2.  Any of you ladies live or know any one who lives in Louisiana or know a good CrMS practitioner in Louisiana (near Baton Rouge or New Orleans)? If you do, please go visit Two More Feet :). Again, thank-you in advance!

3. I think that ends the requests portion of this week's quick takes..onto more important things, like FOOTBALL :). Mountaineer Football to be specific! We had a close game on Thursday night, but we ended up with a win, and thanks to Cincinnati winning on Saturday, we are Big East Champs and are awaiting to hear (as I type, as you read, we'll already know) whether we are Orange or Sugar Bowl Bound!

4. Last week, I got to meet the lovely Sarah from Sarah's Journal thanks to Skype! It was so great talking with you Sarah, and I hope I was able to provide some help - you have been such a help to me!

5. Thanks to the fact that I saw P., a nurse practitioner, within Dr. S's practice already, I was able to get an appointment to see him earlier than January. In fact, it is in 2 weeks - exactly 2 weeks from today. As it is clear already that I won't be needing to cancel this appointment because I got pregnant, I'm deciding to embrace the opportunity to see the Dr. early and not freak out because I am seeing 'the doctor.' It's just one more bend in this road.

6. I am woefully behind on my blog commenting, but I am doing my best to catch up. Please know that I read most of your posts the day your write them in my reader and pray for any prayer requests you have immediately. I have just gotten way behind on commenting and I know how important comments are, so I will do better I promise!

7. Last, but not least, I was awarded the Liebster Award by two bloggers! First by M. at Joy Beyond the Cross and then by Emily at Signed, Sealed, Deliverd, I'm Yours. Thank-you so much ladies!!!

This award features up and coming bloggers (with less than 200 followers) and asks that it be passed on to 5 other deserving bloggers. This is so hard...especially since I've taken so long to post about my awards...but here are 5 awesome ladies to go visit :).

  1. Donna at What if God Says No
  2. Mary at Life in a Small Town
  3. Katie at NFP and Me
  4. Faith Makes Things Possible...Not Easy
  5. Patiently Waiting...Kinda


  1. I am originally from Lousiana, but I do not know about the CRMS instructors. Your friend could check the fertilitycare.org web page, and they list instructors and providers.

  2. Congrats on the award! Thanks for the heads up about mobile template. I don't have a smart phone but I think I am getting one for Christmas so I will be doing lots of reading on my phone too, I suspect!

  3. I can't seem to figure out the enabling mobile devices thing. Apparently you have to be smarter than it is!

  4. Do I show up mobile style for you? I can play tonight if not, and fix it!

  5. I couldn't figure out the mobile template thing at first either. But then I clicked on a link near the top of the dashboard page called "try the updated Blogger interface" and then Rebecca's directions made a lot more sense.

    Thanks for the directions, Rebecca.

    I'm excited that you get to see Dr. S so soon! Praying that it goes well.

  6. Congrats on the award!
    I'm SO glad you are getting in early with Dr. S. I hope that your appointment goes well too. Keep us posted! :-)

  7. My blog looks all wonky will I enable mobile (it definitely doesn't look right on my iphone, at least.)

  8. I meant "when" not "will". ;)

    Thanks for trying to find people in my area, btw. :)

  9. Okay I am far too blogger-challenged apparently. I have no idea what the "overview" page is...

  10. I had a hard time finding the Overview page, but when I clicked on the link that said "Try the new blogger interface" it led me to the right direction. Hope my blog reads better for you now!