Important Prayer Request

If you are looking for today's Thankful Thursday, please go here.  I have never posted twice in one day before, it's just not 'for me.' But this can't wait until tomorrow...

I received a message from my friend, Cody, this morning. He has been in Philadelphia discerning entering the Order of St. Augustine. Last night, he learned his application would not be accepted.

Cody is one of the kindest, gentlest, unselfish people I have had the privelage of meeting. The look of sorrow in his eyes when I told him of our struggle with IF was tangible proof of what an awesome servant of God's people that he is. My heart is breaking for Cody. He has asked for prayers, and he has asked for the prayers of my friends.  Well, friends, prayer warriors, will you please pray? Will you please cover Cody in the prayers that you have covered me with so many many times? If they give him even 1/10th of the peace they have given me, his heart will calm and his anxiety will decrease.

Specifically, please pray for:
~a peaceful, grace-filled heart
~clarity in decision making that remains open to God's will
~that fears of the now unknown future will remain quiet
~for strength

Dear friends, I thank-you in advance for your prayers. So many of you (and I) have walked a path in which we feel called to something (motherhood for most of us, the priesthood for Cody), but instead of reaching that something we are gifted with a cross. While our reasons for our hurts are different, we share the knowledge of the weight of the cross of uncertainty; of wondering why; of the unknown

I will close with Cody's words:
Ultimately, I have faith that all will be well. I have faith that since I undertook this risk in obedience to God's will for me, that God's will has been done and will continue to be done because I have done what He has asked of me. I only hope that one day it might make more sense.
I ask you to pray for me, and to ask your friends to pray for me as well. I am going to be in need of them.


  1. Aw, that's heartbreaking. I will keep him close in prayer.

  2. I am praying. It must be incredibly hard for him, but with prayer he will know what God`s plans for him are.

  3. I will be praying for your friend!

  4. OH, I am praying!! Have him comfort himself by knowing that both of St. Therese's parents had their hearts set on religious life, and both were rejected and completely heartbroken. Today, they are both up for canonization, and their daughter is considered the greatest saint of modern times and a Doctor of the Church!

    Praying that God's will will be made known to him soon, be it another order, the diocesan priesthood, single life, or matrimony.

  5. Oh wow, I will pray! This is so tough! I think so often it's easy to take for granted or assume that those desiring religious life have it "easy." They "just" have to join this order or go to that seminary and surely with our shortage these days, no soul will be turned away. But no, they can be rejected too, and often do get rejected. I like Leila's example of St. Therese's parents (and Therese also faced roadblocks in her own vocation as did her sister, Celine).

  6. I will be praying! What an unfortunate situation. So heartbreaking. :(

  7. Disappointment is such a heavy load to bear. I'm sorry for the pain of your friend. Praying peace.

  8. Cody I've got your back! Praying 2 Corinthians 4: 8-12 over you right now.

  9. I love what Leila said about St. Therese's parents - so true! And as Sarah said St. Therese didn't have the easiest time joining Carmel either. Prayers coming for your friend Cody!

  10. I'm behind on all this, but I'll be praying. LOVE his quote!