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Happy Friday!  This week I've got 7 Quick Links for you:

1.  Sarah shared about her experiences of 'God's Grace in 11 Months of Marriage.' I, like many others, could relate to so much of what she shared. And, as I listened to a voice mail from a young woman who was facing divorce after only 8 months of marriage, I could only think 'There, but for the grace of God go I.'  Please visit Sarah and read what she has to say; and please pray for A.

2.  Lenae spread her wings and reached out to God, giving us all a beautiful reminder to ask for what it is we need and to have faith.  Please visit Lenae to share your encouragement and to be treated to the beauty of her words.

3.  Jelly Belly has her back against the wall and is bravely staring down her fears.  The fear she describes is so familiar to so many of us.  Please visit JB to lift her up in prayer as she steps out in faith.

4.  Experimental Theology is a new blog to me, in fact, the post about the prison servant was the first I'd ever read over there.  Please visit Richard Beck and read about living out Christ's command to love one another.  And take your tissues.
5.  Cecily touched on one of my #1 fears of having a child when she shared about post partum depression.  Please visit to read Cecily's story and be introduced to a great new resource for women.

6.  Tooje realized the power that parents are given and reflects on it in such a true, beautiful way.  Please visit to be encouraged about what you can do as a parent.

7.  The Mom shared what goes on in her 7 year old's heart and head and gave us all a reason to say 'well, that makes sense!'  Please visit to get a reminder of what following the Ten Commandments is really all about.

And of course, visit Jen for more Quick Takes and have a great weekend!

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