Our IF Timeline

A lot of the IF blogs I read have a timeline. Many of them have been helpful to me in learning terminology and understanding what our process may look like. This page is here in hopes that it may help someone else out someday, and as a way for me to keep track of it all.

How did we get here?  (I've put the most recent steps at the top, so if you want to read from the very beginning go to the bottom of the post and work your way up.)

March 2012 - Present - TTC; 2000mg Metformin/Day; 200mg Prometrium P+3 through P+12; Pray.

February Cycle - No headaches! No brown bleeding between peak day and end of cycle. 2wwing right now. Nope.

February 15, 2012 - Post-op follow up: Dr. S confirms Stage 2 Endo all removed, 2 partially blocked tubes cleared. A plan for avoiding headaches while on prometrium established: take vag.inally for one cycle, if no headaches, continue, if headaches, consider switch to HCG. TTC for 6 - 9 months. If no BFP, schedule follow-up to consider ovulation support with Dr. D.; if no BFP in 12 - 18 months, schedule repeat Advanced HSG to recheck tubes; pray.

January 17, 2012 - Selective HSG and laprascopy with Dr. S. revealed Stage 2 Endo and 2 partially blocked tubes. Dr. S. was able to remove all of the endo and clear the tubes. Follow-up scheduled for Feb. 15. Dr. S. isn't too worried about low-average morphology from The Man, says if we want, try Proxeed (though he recommends reading ingredients and buying cheaper substitute at local vitamin store).

December 19, 2011 - First appointment with Dr. S. (Details here.) Summary: Recommendation for a laprascopy with advanced HSG. Plan to switch from prometrium to HCG after one more cycle due to suspected hormone-induced migraines. (Makes sense because headaches mimicked headaches from days on the pill almost exactly.) Se.men analysis shows great count, motility, and grade. Low average morphology. The Man does "I'm above average dance."

November 21, 2011 - A diagnosis and plan! Mild case of PCOS with insulin resistance and low progesterone. Prescribed prometrium for P+3 to P+12 and metformin to lower insulin levels.

October 11, 2011 - First NaPro appointment. Finally! The beginnings of an answer, my LH was 2x as high as my FSH from one of my 'normal' test results, and some hope. I learned that LH should never be higher than FSH and that it could be a mild case of PCOS (3x as high is PCOS typically). Start a hormone panel during this cycle.  Decide that we're giving it one more cycle before we do the se.men analysis, again hoping we don't need it.

September 27, 2011 - Read through all of the Creighton info and prepare to start charting.  Ask The Man if he could please refrain from getting a sinus infection next month during my most fertile days.  He says he'll do his best, and I feel relieved we have still found a way to laugh at this situation.  Even though it is at The Man's expense.

September 22, 2011 - Call the Nurse Practitioner that E (our FCP) suggested last night.  Get an appointment in 3 weeks!

September 21, 2011 - Again, everything is normal.  Midwife suggests it's time for se.ment analysis.  And gives us the paperwork with number of local Reproductive Center and the directions for how to collect the sample.  Cry in the parking lot for 15 minutes.  Feel like I'm losing it.  Get a phone call (read the details here). Recover {some} of my sanity.

August 31, 2011 - Have blood drawn (only 3 vials this time).

Late August 2011 - Email CrMS FCP to start charting.

August 15, 2011 - Follow-up dr. appointment.  Bloodwork was all normal.  Like right down the middle normal.  Now what?  Decide on post-peak blood work and leave with instructions to have blood drawn on P+5.

Early August 2011 - Call NaPro doctor (Dr. S. at Camp Hill - thanks Sarah!) and a Creighton practitioner to start learning Creighton and get on Dr. S's waiting list for a December/January appointment.  Say a huge prayer that I don't need it, but don't feel much hope.

July 2011 - First Doctor's Appointment Scheduled with my regular ob/gyn/midwife to start 'figuring it all out'  4 vials of blood drawn (first time I've ever had blood drawn in my life) - it's cycle day 10, pre-peak.

September 2010 - July 2011  TTC.  Never even come close to needing to POAS.  Note continued super-low temps; brown spotting/bleeding; short menses (2 - 3 days); and shortish luteal phase (9-11 days).  'Out' us as an IF couple.

September 2010 - Break first NFP 'rule' - use 2 days in a row pre-ovulation instead of every other.  Don't worry too much because early in cycle Totally freak out, but then when 'fertile' days arrive decide we really are ready to start TTC.

April 2010 - September 2010 - Continue charting, make mental note of extremely low temperatures (like off the bottom of the chart low) and brown spotting/bleeding that occurs before and after menses.  Wonder if it will cause 'problems' but don't stress too much.

April 2010 - First time we write an 'I' on our charts!  (Yep, that is almost 4 full months of abstinence).

February 2010 - First NFP class.  Start Charting.  Experience a Doubtful Peak and a 41 day cycle and think 'what in the heck is going on?'  Realize what it is when we learn it in class #2.

January 2010 - Email Alison and Mike; figure out a way to learn NFP via Skype.

Mid-December 2009 - Decide no more BCPs for us at the end of this pack (I've read enough to know it's better to stop at the end of a pack than mid cycle).  No idea how we will learn NFP, but committed to abstinence until we do.

Fall/Winter 2009 - Find better research and read a blog written by Alison that sells me on NFP and start to send more info via email to The Man.

Summer 2009 - start to read about this 'thing' called NFP.  Late summer, try to explain it to The Man and do such a great job that he declares 'well, we'll just never have sex again.'  Return to my research.

Spring 2009 - start to really think something is wrong with me and start researching symptoms, realize all things seem to be related to BCPs.  Start to research other options for birth control - read about an IUD and literally get nauseous at the thought.  Go to gyno appointment and stick with BCPs, not really comfortable but feel like there is no other 'reliable' choice.

Spring 2008 - Start to rediscover our Catholic Faith.

June 2004 - We Do! (get married)

Fall 2003 - Experiencing such severe headaches I am prescribed Imitrex.  No talk of change in BCPs.

Fall 2002 - Go to doctor because of horrible headaches I'm getting every month.  Gyno says it's due to high-dose BCPs, switches me to lower dose and has me take 12 weeks of 'active' pills at a time, followed by one week of placebo.  Less headaches with less severity + only 4 periods a year.  Then - Works for me.  (Now - YIKES!)

February 2002 - Get Engaged.

1998 - Meet The Man.

1997 (18 years old) - first pap smear/gynecological exam; leave with first pack of BCPs for 'health reasons' - looking back, I'm not really sure what those reasons might have been.


  1. We go to the same practice. Small world, lady! I see Dr. D, but only b/c I was so desperate to "get in" to see a Doc, that I took the first available appt. Dr. D's had an appt. one day sooner than Dr. S.

    I haven't done a timeline post, but I do keep notes like a crazy person. My little folder from the Center for Women's health is crammed with scrap paper. Maybe I'll do one if we conceive so we can look back at all the craziness!

  2. I remember the way back from a basketball game going to your old aprt. you telling me about NFP! I was clueless, not as much thanks to you now, but amazed that you believed that strongly in your Faith to go that route! I can't imagine how tough the wait is for you and The Man!! I Pray that it is over soon!

  3. I also have issues with low temps. Mid 96s prepeak and low 97s post. I switched to the Marquette method because thinking about my low temps and how my OBGYN doesn't think its related to my problems getting/staying pregnant tends to bum me out. That doesn't exactly fix the problem though...I need to find a NaPro doctor, stat!

  4. Surprise! I nominated you for the stylish blogger award. I enjoy your blog and you are very stylish.