Facebook, Gummy Bears, and I Win

I have been considering deleting my Facebook account for a while now.  If I'm honest with myself, the only real reason I still have it is because I want to someday take my turn in announcing a pregnancy and getting all of the love that will follow.  Selfish?  Yep.  Truth?  Yep.  But today, I was torn between actually speaking my mind, unfriending a 'friend,' and deleting my whole account.  It was worse than any pregnancy announcement could ever be.  It was this:
'If it takes that much effort to have kids, maybe you weren't intended to have children...100 years ago the world wasn't as overpopulated...there weren't medicines and drugs and clinics...just sayin''
The sane, logical part of my brain said 'this has nothing to do with you.  This is just a person saying something stupid that has no bearing on your life.'

The infertile, heart broken part of my brain said 'this has everything to do with you.  This is one of the most hurtful things I have ever read.'

And then, when I wanted to yell and start a big ol' Facebook fight, I just unfriended this person.  I did tweet about it, and a good friend put it all in perspective with two simple words:  'F. him.'  I love her.

When I got home, I had a package from Alison.  Suspecting that it was the s.emen analysis kit she was sending us, I openend the box and found I was partially right.  There was a bag marked that it was for The Man from her hubby.  And then, there were chocolate covered gummy bears, peeps, a journal, and a card for me - just what I needed to lift my spirits after my Facebook fun.  As I said to The Man, 'I win!'


  1. Ditto, F him! 100 years ago people were dying from diseases we didn't have vaccines for, so according to his logic we should all just go and die from smallpox.

    For the record, chocolate covered gummy bears sound amazing...gonna have to find me some of those!

  2. Wowzers. I cannot believe someone would say that! Before you delete your account... add me as a friend. I'll totally cheer on your pg announcement someday! :)

  3. Oh my goodness! I can't believe that he said that! Good call on the unfriending. Anyway, yay for Alison!

  4. Whoever made that comment on fb is a jerk and a turd. And, I hate, hate, hate it when someone ends with "just sayin" It's so obnoxious.

  5. Wow, that is a horrible Facebook comment. I have deactivated my fb account several times in the past when I just needed a break. Ughhhh.....so frustrating. I loved your package from Alison, so sweet!

  6. That's a horrible thing for him to say! Horrible. And very ignorant. And insensitive. Should I go on?!

  7. You are loved, valued and doing an amazing job obeying God's call in your life!
    Eat chocolate and grab a hug anytime!!

  8. Oh honey, that's a horrible thing to have to read. I'm sorry that happened. I am happy you've kept your facebook account up though. good call to defriend.

    Love to you!

    Thank God for friends like Alison! ;)

  9. Oh please don't delete your facebook account because of some dumb @ss. People can be so frakkin' mean!!!

    You are not selfish for wanting to announce a pregnancy on facebook. As soon as I got the positive pregnancy test I wanted to jump on facebook to announce it to the world! I think it is pretty normal. Just watch out for those comments that can be hurtful. There are even things that people write that aren't meant to be hurtful but that can still sting. I have a couple people hidden that have been bragging about their super fertility.

  10. You're right, you are the winner. The loser is the person who posted that. Imagine how much anger or ignorance that person has. How sad to live like that. You have the satisfaction of knowing that you respect life!

  11. That's just rude. What a moron. Seriously. But I'm glad you didn't get rid of f'book. I'd miss you! :)

    I hope you enjoy the care package; what a lovely gift!

  12. For goodness sake---don't delete your FB account. --- Give me the log in and password so I can send myself items in Sims!

  13. So it was a guy who said that? There ya go.
    What a perfect package and what timing! :)
    I went through and unfriended a bunch of people. I'm pretty much over FB.


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