Quick Takes

1.  It's National College Colors Day!  Did you wear your teams colors?  I have my gold and blue on, although it was a bit more challenging making it work within the Diocese's business dress code as I don't think my #12 bright gold jersey is what the Bishop has in mind.  I decided that kahki's and a navy blue blouse with a WV on it will work for me today!  Fortunately I have a tan blouse with the WV as well, so at least my coworkers will get some variety in what they have to see me wear on Fridays for the next few months - ha!

2.  There is so much uncertainty surrounding WVU's first game, it's almost more than my fragile fooball nerves can take.  There's the fact that the game is on Sunday.  We have new seats for the first time in 9 years.  There's a new coach.  There's the new Mountaineer Manwalk that will create some interesting logistics to be able to be a part of AND still tailgate.  There will be beer sold at the stadium.  There's a even new kick-off cheer.  It is seriously almost more than I can take.  My fingers get all tingly just typing all of this.

3.  But, there is something comforting about knowing that Sunday afternoon I will be walking up the hill towards Mountaineer Field at Mylan Puskar Stadium.  Something reassuring about knowing that I'll be reconnecting with my 60,000 closest friends-I've-never-met.  Something reassuring about knowing that I will be completely and utterly stressed out over something I have absolutely ZERO control over for at least 3 hours on Sunday afternoon.  That, sadly, sounds refreshing.

4.  I am also ready for some tailgate food.  Chicken wings (fried at our tailgate, yummm), queso dip, buffalo chicken dip, rice krispie treat football cake, beer, pepperoni rolls, and more!  My pants feel a little tighter just typing all of that, I see extra miles in my future.

5.  As a small primer for Sunday, I will be going to a high school football game tonight.  My little brother is in the band at his high school (my alma mater) and I love the excuse to go watch football to go watch the band perform at half time.  A bonus this season is that I can walk as the high school is only 1/2 mile from our house!  It won't be nearly the same as Sunday, but it will be great to shake the dust off my football brain!

6.  For my final 2 takes, I leave you with this:

7.  And this:

Have a great weekend; please visit Jen for more quick takes; and, most importantly, LET'S GOOOOOO MOUNTAINEERS!!!!!!! 


  1. Go WVU! Have fun and bring home a winner!

  2. This post and the one you wrote a couple of weeks ago make me want to pack up the family and move to Lawrence, KS. My husband and I may have to do that at some point, but not while our kids are in school at our parish...just can't leave THAT!! Have fun at the game!!

  3. so, i pretty much don't root for my alma matter (well, I do, but in that 'pigs can fly' kind of way) so the real question is...if I start wearing yellow and TRUEBLUE will you still like me??!? hahaha...