Waking Up

When I lived away from Morgantown, I always missed it here.  I never quite felt like I 'fit in' somewhere else.  Sure, Morgantown is where I grew up and where I went to college, but there was more to it than a sense of being homesick.  I missed this town.  There's just something about this town...

When we first moved back, it was things like being able to drive to the grocery store without having to really think about where I was going or running into a familiar face in Target that soothed my soul.  Soon, though, I was settled back in and I started to really consider what it is about this town that I missed so much.

Today, I was reminded of just what it is.  There was more traffic on the roads.  There were cars parked half blocking lanes.  There were people jaywalking.  There was a line at the pharmacy.  There was furniture waiting it's turn to be carried inside on each corner.  Morgantown is waking up.

For as long as I can remember, Fall has been my favorite season.  The colors.  The football.  The temperatures.  The apple pies.  The football.  And the waking up.  Around here, the summer months are more of a winter of sorts.  Everything is quiet; the colors are dull; and the streets are bare.  Then, mid-August arrives.  The temperatures are cooler in the mornings, and Morgantown begins to bloom.

It is this that I missed.  The blooming.  The renewing.  The waking up.

As Morgantown stretches and yawns and WVU starts its new school year, my soul sighs and soaks in the noise, the colors, and the busy-ness.  And I am reminded, once again why I love this town and know that I am at home here.


  1. I loooove autumn here in VA! It's my favorite time of year, hands down. Today we had a brisk morning... aah so nice. Enjoy!

  2. Sounds beautiful! You make me want to go there! :)

  3. You paint a beautiful piicture. It sounds delightful!

  4. Your town sounds like the Jayhawk town. :) It's essentially where I grew up....15 miles to the south, but there nearly every weekend to visit the grandparents and do "stuff" in the "big town". Great description of what college towns truly feel like in August.

  5. Makes me want to live there, and I'm a desert girl!! Nice description of a lovely town!