The Most Ordinary Moment

Betty has asked for engagement stories and since The Man and I celebrated our 7th wedding anniversary on Sunday, this is fun for me to retell this week.

The Man and I had been dated for almost 4 years when we decided that we would spend an afternoon together looking at engagement rings.  We weren't going to buy anything, it would just be for fun.  That was September 2001.

In January 2002, I still didn't have a ring on my finger, but suspected the day was coming.  In fact, anytime we went out for dinner (or really went anywhere together) I made sure to look my best because I just *knew* that would be the night.

Come February 13, the night still hadn't arrived.  The girls at work kept saying they thought The Man would propose on Valentine's Day and I kept saying, no no no, that's much to predictable for The Man.  So, after dragging my feet and wrapping and rewrapping his Valentine's Day gift, I finally got my butt in gear and headed over to The Man's apartment around 10:00 that night (the 13th) to watch a movie (I was only 2 1/2 hours late.)  When I got there, I was so excited about the gift I'd bought The Man for Valentine's Day I insisted we exchange our gifts before our movie.  We did and when mine was not a ring, I felt vindicated that I knew The Man well enough to know he'd never propose on Valentine's Day.

So, after exchanging gifts, we were sitting in The Man's bedroom.  Me, in my fanciest sweatpants with my hair done up in my most stylish end-of-day pony tail, on the edge of his bed and The Man, yep, you guessed it on his knees on the floor beside me (which I did NOT notice until later).  I was rambling on and on (shocker to those of you who know me IRL, I know), and mid sentence, The Man turned to the bedside table and I said 'what are you doing?!?!' (annoyed because he wasn't listening to my oh-so-not-important story).

He turned back around and said, without answering me and with cutting me off (a must sometimes), 'I love you and I want to spend the rest of my life with you.  Will you marry me?'

I said 'yes!' and he said 'you better call your Dad, he's been waiting up for you to call.'  You see, The Man had asked my Dad earlier that day if he could propose and told him we'd call after it was said and done.

It wasn't until sometime the next day that I realized while talking to The Man that he had intended to propose that night for a while.  It wasn't on Valentine's Day, we weren't doing anything special, and I'd never expect it.

I didn't expect it.  And while, it wasn't a special dinner or a special place it was perfect.  The Man transformed the most ordinary moment instantly into one of the most amazing.


  1. Ah! So so sweet. I love it. What a great moment. :)

  2. What a great story, your fanciest sweatpants and your best ponytail ~ love it!!

  3. The first two comments are precisely what I was going to say: I love it!

  4. I concur! And I love the wedding picture <3

  5. I've been loving all these stories; thanks for sharing yours!

  6. I LOVE all these stories. too sweet!