Customer Service

My faith in customer service and a company actually caring about their customers was renewed today.  At the cell phone store of all places.

To make a long story a little bit shorter, we'll fast forward to my phone call to our cell phone company, US Cellular, today.  My BlackBerry has been on it's last leg for a couple of months now and I thought based on the rewards program that I was eligible for a new phone at a promotional price today.  But, when I called, I learned differently.  When I called, I found out it was actually not until July 1.  But instead of the usual 'sorry about your luck' that I've come to expect from 'customer service representatives,' the store representative offered to transfer me to the main customer service people.

That should have been clue #1 - he was offering to transfer me, I didn't have to call a different number.

He also told me that he has known them to work with long standing customers to get them a new phone faster than 'scheduled.'

I talked to the representative and told her my situation.  After placing me on hold for a couple of minutes, she came back and asked for some additional clarifying details and placed me on hold again.  (At this point, I was not exactly hopeful.)  And when she came back, she informed me that they had 'found an extra 1000 points that I would need to be eligible for an upgrade today' (Instead of having to wait another month).  She then asked if I'd like my points applied to my account so that when I went to the store later it would be quick and easy.  I said sure.  And thanked her.  Lots!

After work, I headed to the store, still not convinced that it had been that easy.  And less than 30 minutes later, I walked out the door with my new phone.  One month earlier than I should've had it.  With ZERO hassle.

It was so refreshing to be treated like the loyal customers that we are (same cell phone company for 8 years, even when The Man really wanted an iPhone).  And to not have to make my case and beg and plead.

So, while I'm waaay excited about my new Droid (it has a touchscreen AND QWERTY slider keyboard :)), I am more happy about the way I was treated today.  Thank-you US Cellular!


  1. Congrats on your new phone and yay for a receiving good service.

  2. I've always had good customer service with AT&T. One time I noticed on my bill that one of us had accidentally downloaded a Wheel of Fortune game to our phone. I called to get it removed and I figured it would be a hassle. They took it off no problem and credited our account! Good customer service makes things A LOT easier!

  3. CH has a droid with a sliding keyboard and loves it. A friend just got one without the keyboard and is having trouble getting used to it.
    OS has his phone with Sprint. We went in a couple of weeks ago because he had broken his phone, and they sent a replacement for free after they said there was a "computer glitch".
    We've had excellent service with Verizon, too. Wonder if they're finally wising up?