Quick Takes

1.  So, The Man keeps asking what people said about his book review.  I tried to explain that book reviews don't really necessitate comments, but he keeps looking all sad when I say that.  So, I'm shamelessly asking if you'll go to this post and leave a comment :).  Even if you just say 'hi'.

2.  Have I mentioned that Mei Mei is cute?  But that she is also B.A.D.?  Besides chewing shoes, power chords, and stuffed animals, she has now decided that the end table in front of our living room window is perfect for her to stand on.  Yes, I said stand on.  I mean really.  I thought climbing-and-somersaulting-over baby gates was bad enough.

3.  And how is Kali fairing lately?  Well, twice in the last two weeks I've petted her face and my hands ended up covered in blood.  Yes, the little dog is making the big dog bleed.  Not out of any type of aggression, just some serious rough-and-tumble pup play.  I'm still amazed that Kali lets this type of stuff happen.  Love her.

4.  I don't think it has hit me yet that it's a 3-day weekend.  Monday morning about 8:00 when I'm still in bed it will though :).  Besides Confirmation on Sunday and a picnic at my Dad's house on Monday, we are looking at a quiet weekend at home.  Ahhhh :).

5.  I realize I haven't updated on my Godfather in such a long time.  It got worse before it got better and he's still facing triple bypass surgery, but for now he is at home (with a defibrillator vest on in case his heart needs a jolt) and will go to the doctor next week to schedule the surgery.  Thank-you all for praying for him and if you would continue to do so if you think of it, I would be very grateful.

6.  Do you see (the counter on the left side bar) that we are UNDER 100 days until Mountaineer football?  It's almost too good to be true, except it IS true!!!!  I need some football in my life.

7.  Don't forget to visit Jen for more Quick Takes and have a great weekend!


  1. WHAT? Under 100 days until college football starts??? WOO-HOO!!! Hope the Vols do better this year! GO BIG ORANGE! :D

  2. My 3-day weekend got off to a late start. Boo! But I'm happy not to have to go into that place until TUESDAY!!!

    Continuing to pray for your Godfather...

    I think I'm going to do some late takes...