Bible in 90 Days

As you know I've been reading the Bible in 90 Days.  Well, it's day 90 - and I'm finished!  Just finished to be exact.  I got a bit behind this week (can't imagine why), but I was determined to finish today, if it meant I was writing this at 11:59pm.  Being that it's 3:07pm, I'm pretty excited!

I do need to go back and read the books of the Apocropha as this schedule wasn't created using a Catholic Bible, but to say I made it from Genesis to Revelation feels pretty good.

The one thing that stands out to me most is the stark contrast between the tone and feel of the old testament and the new testament.  God's love, when taught and spoken from God himself (through Jesus, the Son) becomes so much clearer than when taught and spoken through mere mortals.  The letters of the new testament, written by those who walked with Jesus are beautiful and still so very relevant to life today - 2000 years later.

As I started this journey, I did my reading partly because I wanted to and partly because it was 'on the schedule,' but as the days passed, I found myself wanting to read and know what came next.  There was a hunger for God's word that I've never experienced before.  Even during the times when I got behind, I read some every single day.  Sure, somedays it was only a sentence or two before falling asleep and being hit in the forehead with the Kindle, but it was still something.  If I carry nothing else away from this, I want it to be this hunger for His word.  In the immediate future of the coming days, I am looking forward to reading 'the rest of the story' in the Apocropha.  After that, I am going to use my New Catholic Answers Bible as a guide and read and study each of the questions posed.  And for once, I am excited about picking up the Bible and reading and studying it instead of completely overwhelmed and intimidated by the prospect.  For that, I am extremely grateful.

To Amy at Mom's Toolbox - God bless you.  This is an incredible journey on which you guide us.  Thank-you.


  1. That's awesome you've read the whole Bible! I have recently got done reading all the Gospels with commentary and am looking forward to reading the rest of the New Testament!

  2. Good for you, Rebecca! That's awesome. If I ever actually tackle reading the Bible at once, I'll have to have a guide like your 90 day guide, i'm sure. The books of the Apocrypha are great, too...I know I've heard lots of them in Mass (You'll probably recognize them, too) but i'd love to really dig in.

    What I think I'd really like is a personal homily from our parish priest on each book, but I'm sure I can't get that! :)

  3. The Apocrypha is worth reading for sure, I really liked the book of wisdom. Good for you for finishing the whole thing, that takes commitment.

  4. Your story is very encouraging.

    Congratulations on a job well done!

    Your fellow Spring '11 grad,

  5. That's incredible! I might try the same thing sometime soon!