Quick Takes

1.  What a week!  Moving is hard work :).

2.  I learned how to do something new on my Mac last night (how did we do things before google?)!  I learned how to take screen shots, AND save them to my desktop!

3.  Why did I need screen shots?   For the WINNERS of course!!!!!!

4.  Drumroll please........winner #1 is:  Michelle from Endless Strength at 8:08 am on 2/17.

5.  And drumroll please......winner #2 is:  Kaybeeski from Have You Been Outside Lately? at 11:12pm on 2/15!
6.  CONGRATULATIONS Ladies!!!!!!!  Michelle, please comment or email me with whether you would like the blog makeover or the photograph, and Kaybeeski once I hear from Michelle I will be in touch!

7.  Thank-you to you ALL for making my new 'home's' first week such a great one!

Have a great weekend and be sure to visit Jen for more Quick Takes!


  1. Okay. so this is the FIRST time I hAve EVER won a giveaway!!!!!! Yay!!!!

    And I would LOVE a blog makeover! So let me know how to get that process rolling and I am SOSOSOSOSOSOSOSO excited!!!!!


  2. Woo-hoo! Congratulations to Michelle! Although slightly sad about missing out on the blog makeover, I think I may be able to twist my hubby's arm to help me on that front. When I told him I was trying to win a blog makeover, he was intrigued. He was even more intrigued when I started showing him what other blog pals blogs looked like.

    I am really looking forward to looking through all 200+ pages of Kimi's photos again to pick my photo prize. I need things to hang on the walls of our newly remodeled master bathroom, so this is actually quite a perfect prize for me! =)

    Thanks for doing the giveaway Rebecca. It was a lot of fun. =)

  3. Congrats kaybeeski, as well! in my excitement I forgot to thank Rebecca, too. bad-blog manners!

    And it was a lot of fun. :)

  4. Seriously? I didn't win? (I'm such a poor loser!) Congratulations to the 2 that won.
    Have a good weekend!

  5. Aww whoops. I missed this. Although I don't know if she does wordpress blogs? I have to say though, I like your new name and your new background, but reading this font like really really hurts my eyes. Like, I tear up when I try to read it. Maybe I just need to blink more. I do sit in front of a computer all day...

  6. Alison - I wondered about the font. I couldn't decide if I liked it or not (due to readability). Thanks for confirming that it wasn't working...and since I did that part, I can change it :). Is the new one better?

  7. Yay for screen shots, and congrats Michelle and Kaybeeski!

  8. oops, sorry never responded...yes it is WAY better! ha, thanks!