'Super' Quick Takes

1.  My brother, who lives in Dallas, is GOING TO THE SUPER BOWL!!!!!  He sent a picture message last night with a photo of his ticket.  I am so excited for him.  He is frequently forced to endure tons of Dallas Cowboys love being that 1) he lives IN Dallas and 2) his in-laws are all FROM Dallas.  Yea, he's one very happy Steeler fan!

2.  We are not going to the Super Bowl, but we are hosting our very first Super Bowl party.  For Super Bowl XL, The Man was drugged up on painkillers from wrist surgery and doesn't remember much of the game.  He was so out of it, that a few weeks later he said "Did my parents stop by during the Super Bowl?".  Um, yea honey, they were here for the whole 1st half.  For Super Bowl XLIII, we went to Pittsburgh to watch the game at Hines Ward's bar on the South Side.  Remember?  And who could forget the AFC Championship game that year?

3.  Growing up, I mostly remember the Steelers being not-so-great.  And there was the Super Bowl loss to Dallas in the 90s.  But, traditionally, the Steelers are one of the NFL's all time best teams.  I grew up a Steeler fan, just like I did a WVU fan.  I loved them through those not-so-great years, and it makes these recent years all that much sweeter.  Here is look back at Steeler Super Bowl Victories of the past.

4.  I saw this yesterday and about fell out of my chair laughing (made it hard to pretend to be working...)  I don't typically engage in 'smack talk' because I don't want to jinx my team, but I can't resist, it's too cute...
Oh Cheeseheads ... say hello to my little friend.

5.  And speaking of being productive at work, check this out...

Live Videos by Ustream
How cool is that????

6.  I have two pups who are also ready for the Super Bowl too.  In the bottom right picture, that Terrible Towel that Mei Mei is standing on is actually Kali.  And in the two bigger pictures, yes, that is a football they are playing with!

7.  And what would a Steeler Super Bowl post be without this...

Be sure to visit Jen for more Quick Takes and have a great weekend!  Here we go Steelers, Here we go!!!


  1. Well, good luck to your Steelers. Personally, once my team is out...I'm out. Have a fun party, though!

  2. Congrats to your brother, that is very cool!
    Good Luck Steelers from the other side of the state!

  3. Dude, how do they get that Towel to go based on tweets?!?!?! Technology these days...

    I'm psyched for the party!

  4. Since the Colts are out, I am cheering for the steelers too!

    Hope your party is a good time!

  5. I think it is so cute when people post about football. No one in my immediate family gives a hoot about it so it's so foreign/interesting to see that other people are!

  6. CH said that at work yesterday, the Pack fans left cheetos around the office. We had several Steeler fans in their jerseys at one of my schools. I'm pretty indifferent this year...every team I wanted to win in the playoffs lost. :(

  7. Have an awesome SB party! And, yeah!! Hope your brother has a great time there, too!