Kindle 101

Lauren asked for a Kindle post and since I ♥ my Kindle, here you go.

The #1 comment, question, concern, whatever that I hear when I mention my Kindle is something along the lines of:  don't you miss 'real' books?

To be completely honest, this was a concern of mine as well.  But, I was hopeful because 1) I ♥ technology and 2) I am a book-cover-folder-backer *cringe*.  I know it's bad, and I always regret doing it, but I prefer to look at one page at a time.

So, while I was extremely excited to be surprised with a Kindle for Christmas, I was secretly a little bit skeptical about how much I would actually use this new piece of technology.  I held out hope though, because there's no way to fold back the cover on a Kindle.

It turns out, I had no reason to be skeptical. at. all.

Some of my most favorite features to date are:

  • being able to carry multiple books around with me at once; and to turn directly to the page I left off at in any of them
  • being able to highlight, bookmark, and comment on what I'm reading
  • see how many other readers have highlighted or bookmarked a certain portion of text
  • thousands of FREE books
  • the ability to download books either using the Kindle or online at Amazon.
  • being able to read without pages flapping around because I'm too lazy to hold the book I prefer to prop my book up
  • and being able to turn the page with a click of a button on either side of the kindle
That is certainly not a complete list of features, but it's a start.

I still enjoy picking up a regular book occasionally (not all books are available electronically), but I get so much more reading done now that I have my Kindle than I did before.  I am pretty sure I'd not be current on my Bible in 90 Days reading without it.

Lauren, I hope this is what you were looking for.  And everyone else, what do you think?  Are you loving your e-reader?  wanting one?  or sticking with the ol' fashioned way?


  1. I want one. but it's not in the budget ... for now. I think my husband and I want the updated iphones first!

  2. Brian tells me I'd like one, but I love holding the written page! I just love books, I'm afraid I'd lose something with the Kindle. This is helpful... not sure I'm ready yet, but I'm guessing it's in my future. :)

  3. At first I didn't want one, but now I do. I just have so many other things that I also want to get!

  4. I have no Kindle, but I do read on my iPad. One of my favorite things is being able to read in bed in the dark. It's so much nicer than having the bedside lamp on.

  5. Love, love, love my Kindle! I had approached with much the same trepidation...I'm a total bibliophile and didn't want to lose the "bookish" feeling. I don't miss it at all! I would strongly recommend getting a cover, if you don't already have one. It not only protects the device, but it allows you to be a "book-cover-folder-backer" on your Kindle. I know, because my name is ElleBee and I am a book-cover-folder-backer.

  6. Like CM, I was also skeptical, but now I want one! Thanks for letting me play with yours! We're looking at a Nook now, though... depending on how things play out. Can you check email on the Kindle? You can on the Nook which is great because I don't have a smart phone. :)