NFP Works

When I first mentioned to people that I know IRL that we were using NFP, I received a wide variety of responses.  The one that stands out most in my mind is the one from my friend Kate.

I said something to the effect of:  "The Man and I are starting to use NFP and are really nervous because while we're certain this is the right thing to do, we are also certain it's not time for us to be parents.  We are really hoping that God isn't laughing at us."

Kate's reply: "NFP works, that's how we got Jonah."

My thoughts (that I might've said out loud): "Not exactly the example of 'NFP working' that I'm looking for."

One year later, I can look back and see just how right Kate's comment was AND how it should've been encouraging to me.

I know that I must've said something (or my face said it for me) similar to the above, because Kate quickly said 'no, really, on Day 3 you are still fertile.'  At the time, I had no idea she was referring to post-peak day 3, or that she used Creighton not STM.

What I couldn't see then, but do now, is that while Kate's example wasn't the one I was looking for, it should have been.  It shouldn't have mattered what someone's proof was that NFP works, all that should've mattered was that they were happy when they said it (meaning they meant it!).  Kate's knowledge of when Jonah was conceived should have been an encouragement to me that NFP really did work and it was just a matter of learning and applying the 'rules'.  Kate has never once called Jonah a mistake or an accident or any other negative way to describe a 'surprise' pregnancy, because she knows that he isn't a surprise at all!

One year later, instead of seeing Jonah and thinking, hmmm, maybe this NFP thing doesn't really work, now I see him and think what a beautiful example of NFP working he is!  (And I know his momma does too.)


  1. Oh, friend... isn't it good to see how God works? :) So glad you are seeing His hand.

  2. Lovely post! And I can assure you, NFP works! :) I have five (including the one on the way) children and not one of them has been a surprise. I have often wished for a "surprise", but I'm happy that we know the rules and know how NFP works (in numerous ways).

  3. This makes me smile almost as much as Jonah-man makes me smile! Almost... ;) Thanks for the kudos, and I'm glad you eventually found comfort in my initial reaction.


  4. NFP definitely works! We have successfully avoided pregnancy for 6 months due to medical reasons! I love the Creighton Model!!!!!!!!!

  5. Excellent post! And I love Kate's response. I've encountered so many people who say that NFP doesn't work when they get bonus babies, even though what they really mean was that NFP doesn't always prevent pregnancy when one doesn't feel like dealing with lengthy abstinence.

  6. Rae, I love the way you put that! "..when one doesn't feel like dealing with lengthy abstinence." Yup, that's about right! Much better phrasing than what I had in my head. ;)

  7. Would be so good to know the rules up front, but maybe it's all a lesson in giving it to God, especially in regard to having children. I don't consider any of my children a mistake, altho you've all heard me say that the 4th one "slipped in there". After all, the 3rd one was only 19 months old when V was born.(2 in diapers for a while). Love them all.