For the Last Time

I will talk about: Rich Rodriguez.

Why?  Because it is what I've said I would do since that cold day in December in 2007.

It was just a few short days after WVU lost to Pitt in the Backyard Brawl, also a few short days after Rich Rodriguez tearfully promised to stay at WVU until the end of his coaching career.  It was also just one year after WVU's alumni and big donors had shelled out serious cash to keep him at WVU after being courted by Alabama.  Rich Rodriguez snuck out of Morgantown on a late-night flight to Ann Arbor, after calling recruit Terrel Pryor, to take over the head coaching job at Michigan.

I said it then, I've said it a thousand times since then, and I'll say it one last time here.  It's not the fact that Rich Rodriguez left WVU, it is HOW he left.  He lied to a team and to a state.  He sent a graduate assistant to inform his boss.  He told recruits BEFORE he told his current team.

From the moment it was announced, I said "I hope he gets fired."  I know it's harsh.  I know it's just a game.  I know, I know.  I know!  It still hurt.  Not necessarily personally as in my day-to-day life, but as a West Virginian, it hurt.  (Knowing what we know now about the NCAA investigations, maybe it wasn't such a bad thing...)  It seemed like for the first time, WVU Football (and West Virginia by extension) was getting good, consistent press.  People liked us, they really really liked us!  And then our own coach, a native West Virginian, a WVU Alum stabbed us in the back.  He is the one person who may NOT claim to be 'once a Mountaineer, always a Mountaineer.'

It was one more reminder that the rest of the country looks down on West Virginia.  Our football team, our rich coal history, our family-first ways, all of it. But this time, it was one of our own who said we weren't good enough.

All I've wanted is for Rich Rodriguez to feel a little bit of how he made the WVU faithful feel.  To feel a bit like he wasn't good enough.  I've said since day one that all I wanted was for him to be fired (I know, I know, not exactly the right thing to want) and that when he was, I would let it go.

So today, I let it go.  I go back to complete apathy regarding Michigan and Ohio State Football, and frankly I'm happy about that.  I will only care what either of those schools does if it directly affects WVU.  And when Rich Rodriguez is hired at a new school (he's a good coach, I have no doubt he will be hired somewhere), I will only care about what happens to that school as it relates to WVU.

I'm happy that I can return to apathy, I just wished it never would've been like this to begin with.

I am glad it is the last time I will have this conversation.

Let's gooooooooooo Mountaineers!


  1. Sounds like Rich and Lane belong to the same club, although Lane is a Cali boy and had no ties to UT. What goes around comes around.

  2. I had a feeling you would be writing about this today ...and I'm glad that you're no longer rooting against Michigan. =)

  3. What about Oliver Luck and Coach Stewart? Surely you have feelings about that situation.Will wait for your comments or feel free to let me know in person.