Catching Up - Times 7

1.  I never thought when I wrote last that it would be this long before I wrote again.  Thanks to a combination of a puppy chewing an $80 power cord and a bank account depleted until payday, I have not had a compute at home for almost two full weeks.  (The puppy is fine, the power cord is now replaced.  The Man says she's so cute to prevent us from putting her outside with a 'Free to a Good Home' sign when she does bad things - like chew power cords.)

2.  Due to a lack of power at home and an extremely busy couple of weeks at work, I've been reading your blogs on my reader on my phone.  I am much to far behind to comment on each post I've missed or to even try to catch back-up, so I'll be starting fresh tomorrow.  I will probably go back as I read your new posts and catch-up so I apologize if a random, late comment appears.

3.  My Bible in 90 Days reading is going really well...I've not missed a day yet, though I consciously decided to take today off and I read a day and a half yesterday and plan to read a day and a half tomorrow.  I somehow knew that the allure of having access to a computer at home would test my commitment to read tonight.  I'm gonna say this being published tonight is proof that I was right.

4.  There is so much going on at work.  What was supposed to be my last 2 weeks has turned into, my last who-knows-how-many-months.  More on this another day.  If you would please just say a prayer that the right path becomes clear.

5.  Not having computer access has also increased both my book reading and movie watching.  Who knew I had all this time?  I think my Kindle has also considerably helped in the book reading area.  I absolutely love it - and being able to have not only my bible, but also 2 other books (The Power of a Praying Wife and Drowning Ruth) that I can all have access to any time I want while only carrying one thing around.  I've already read two more books as well!  (Full disclosure: If you click on the links and purchase any of the books/items, I get credit towards my Amazon Associates Account and can get even MORE books).  While my list of have reads and want to reads grows ever longer, I have to ask - what books do you recommend?

6.  Tomorrow, the NFL Playoffs continue.  Part of me was really looking forward to playing the Chiefs and having some trash-talk fun with Michelle and Jaime, but it was not to be.  The Steelers host the Ravens tomorrow.  The Playoffs are the best part of NFL football - mostly because there is no more college football to watch.  Here we go Steelers, Here we go!  Let's get #7!

7.  I felt like I had all kinds of stuff to say, but looking over this list it's really a whole lot of nothing important.  Sorry 'bout that.  What has been going on with you the last couple of weeks?


  1. I've been wondering where you ran off to! Good to have you back! And even though I am very upset about my Chiefs not advancing in the playoffs, I will be rooting for the Steelers!

  2. Nice recap.

    The laptop power cord gremlin has struck us twice. I've learned to not buy the cheaper cords on Amazon. They don't last too long and I don't think they are grounded very well.

    I love my Kindle also. The Kindle itself is wonderful but I like the Kindle app on my ipod touch. I can read my books while waiting in line now.

    I'm a Cowboy fan so I can enjoy the playoffs just for the games. Lots of good teams in it this year.

  3. We've been snowed in. I made chocolate cake (which is heavenly!). Reading library books about frogs and butterflies. Suddenly wrote a HUGE 3 part series (which you already know about! :) that I wasn't expecting, but it felt really good to sort out. Good to see you back!

  4. We've been snowed in here, too. And, we still have quite a bit of snow on the ground, which is really unusual. I'm trying to make an effort to follow the playoffs this year, but since the Colts got knocked out (gotta root for Peyton!), I'm in limbo.
    Good to see you back!

  5. Good to have you back, agree with your husband 'cuteness' gets puppies and babies out of a bunch of evictions.

    Go Patriots!

  6. Glad everything worked out and you now have a power cord! I do wish the Chiefs would have won. However, now I"m going to root for the Bears (yes...I'm a glutton for punishment)...but with my family's Chicago Roots...I'm there. Part of me wants to cheer for the Packers because the Bears fans drive me nuts with their anti-packers stuff. I always like to cheer for New England, too...

    I have nothing against the Steelers. I have just never had a reason to root for them. But I suppose now that you're my friend, I'll root for them, too. Besides that...I don't want the RAvens to win, LOL.

    Have a great playoff Saturday. Me? I've pretty much moved on completely to college basketball. Of course, it's my only real, true love anyway. :)

  7. I always think I should unplug myself on weekends or something. I just can't bring myself to do it....terrible, isn't it? I like the convenience, the availability of looking up stores hours, or a location, or a menu. Ugh. We are so, so spoiled.

    I hope you've been well!

  8. I really appreciate that you are into sports and the fact that you wrote an entire post on students rushing the floor after a b-ball game - pros and cons basically was AWESOME! Yes, I read that post and then came here....because this post is near and dear to my heart. You may be an AFC girl...that is fine, we can still get along...for NOW as my beloved Packers are in the NFC. But if for some chance they do meet in the SuperBowl...if the Steelers can make it past the Jets that is (the Packers is a done deal...he he), we should have a blogger showdown or something like that. Anyway, my point is - I always like finding people who enjoy sports as much as I do and it is fun to read blog posts about it. I went to UW-Madison and we (well I wasn't there), but the students did rush the football field after we beat Ohio St. who was ranked #1 at the time. That was so cool to see on TV! I remmeber going to the games when I was in college there. Go Pack! God Badgers!

  9. Recent reads include: The Help and Molokai. Both were very good and easy to get lost in. A few favorites from the last couple years are: The Pillars of the Earth, World Without End, and Prodigal Summer. I also got the Blu-Ray of Eat Pray Love for Christmas and and am itching to read that book again, too. Happy to provide additional details via email.

    Glad you like your Kindle. I think I'm still an ink-on-paper girl, but I'm starting to get more curious the more I hear about these things.