Secret Santa Soiree

A Secret Santa Soiree Poem

What oh what could it be?
Inside a purple bag, for you, from me...

You like dark chocolate and caramels a lot.
So, together would be better, I thought.

But that's not all, no let's see.
How about a candle scented like a tree?

With hopes that you'll find a minute or two,
Here's a journal for writing, writing done by you.

And since you live where there's lots of snow and sleet,
I've included a nice comfy pair of blue slippers for your feet.

I hope you enjoy this poem that I wrote,
Almost as much as an ornament in the shape of a note.

Merry Christmas!

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Georgie, thank-you for hosting once again this year!  I love doing this :).


  1. Your recipient will be very grateful for your thoughtful gifts.

  2. LOVELY post and I know your sss will love their gifts...Thanks for joining in again this year

  3. Thank you SO much for my wonderful gifts! I absolutely love them all. I hope you are having a peaceful Advent and have a joyous Christmas. Looking forward to following your blog in the new year!