Saturday Evening Blog Post

The first Saturday of each month, Elizabeth asks us to share our favorite post from the previous month.  I enjoy the opportunity to look back at what I've written for the month and decide on a favorite.  It's so hard to decide on just one sometimes, and today is one of those times.

Maybe it's because I just came home from WVU's last home football game of the year, or maybe it was because it didn't cause too much controversy, or maybe it was for a reason I cannot quite explain, but today, my favorite post from November is this one:

Backyard Brawl in Combat Style

I love being a West Virginian.  I love that West Virginia University is here in my hometown.  I love that WVU chose to honor the 29 miners who lost their lives earlier this year in this way.


  1. And I love your loyalty and devotion to what you've grown up in. I think it means a lot to our culture to take pride in where we come from, what we've learned growing up. Not a lot of people take real ROOT anymore...thinking the entire world is theirs, but never truly claiming any sort of substance anywhere. :)

  2. Hi, Off topic, a note to let you know I moved the content of aspiringfool.blogspot.com to a different url: kathyarsis.blogspot.com. So far only a score or so of posts are republished at the new site. In time, I'll have them all republished as well as art laid in and other fine-tunings. I hope you'll come by. Soon I'll begin commenting and emailing as kathyarsis, too, instead of aspiring... or aspiring f.o.o.L. Love and peace and prayer, kathyarsis, aka aspiring...

  3. I too love where I grew up in. It's Cowboy town. I love everyone dressed in Cowboy jerseys every time they play.
    The people are friendly and it's a small town, so everyone knows each other. I want my daugther to love where she is from as well.

  4. Rebecca hi :) , In followup to my comment above, I'm starting to settle into my new site. Lots to do yet! but I'm enthused. I hope you'll stop in when you can. I'm writing now to let you know that this is my new id. God bless you, KathY, still aspiring... though :) .

  5. I too love how loyal you are!!!!
    stopping by with a sss post update please stop by =)