Wedding Pictures

A few weeks ago, I wished I had pictures.  Well, now I do!  Technically, I always had the pictures, I just couldn't get to them.
My brother's wedding was a beautiful day, here is the proof:
Me, The Man, and My Mom before the ceremony.  Mom's shirt is the color of the groomsmen's ties.

Me and my Dad.

Me and the groom (my brother!).

I love this picture of them laughing.  There is a picture of The Man and me laughing on our wedding day too, it is one of my favorites.  These pictures of wedding day laughter remind us that it is the laughter that will get us through the hard times.

Their theme was 'Music', so they borrowed a toddler piano to hold their cake.  The cake that was chocolate with peanut butter icing.  I enjoyed looking at the cake, but did not eat any (I'm just not a fan of chocolate cake).

First Dance.  Notice the Groom's shoes - yep, he put on some sneakers as soon as the ceremony was over! 
It truly was a beautiful day.  I still can't believe how much I cried, but I promise you, they were all tears of joy.

And the greatest of these is love...
1 Corinthians 13:13 


  1. The cake looks beautiful, the dress is beautiful; looks like it was a beautiful day!

  2. I love the photos!

    I changed into tennis shoes for my reception... oh so comfortable!

  3. Beautiful pictures! :) Funny about the shoes! We went to a wedding recently where the groom gave shoes like that to all of his groomsmen as their gift. The guys LOVED them! so funny!

  4. I'm new to your blog! Really enjoying it...congrats to your brother & his wife!

  5. Weddings are fun. :) You look great!