Friday Fragments

I apologize in advance that these will be without pictures (you'll want to see pictures, I promise, and I also promise I'll post some this weekend).

1.  On Monday, I had one of my scheduled days off and went to the West Virginia School for the Deaf and spent the morning working with kids and the afternoon training teachers.  It.  was.  fabulous.

2.  My oldest (length of, not age of) and bestest friend is pregnant and as I'm writing this is home!  She spent the week in the hospital getting fluids to help her little jellybean stay put for at least 2 more weeks.  Now, she is home, on bed rest with orders to drink lots of water.  Sara, are you drinking lots of water?  Please say a prayer for Sara, her jellybean, and her boys (husband and son) that the next couple of weeks of bed rest go well and that jellybean continues to be healthy!
3.  We've been a one-car family for a few months now.  By choice, in an effort to save money for a bigger, 4-wheel drive car.  I wrote about our one car breaking down 2 weeks ago, and since then we've been borrowing cars from my parents and my in-laws.  Well, on Tuesday, we found out that it was more than just a timing belt, but also bent valves which can also mean cracked heads.  Which all I really know about any of that is, that on a VW, it's gonna be a lot of money to fix.  We have to fix it though because we still owe on the car, more than the car is actually worth at that.  Yea, I mightta drank some a lot of wine on Tuesday.

4.  Also on Tuesday, we had an appointment at a Ford Dealership here in town.  We were thinking that as soon as the timing belt was fixed, we would trade the VW, roll the extra $1000 that we owe into the new payment and just be done with it.  We found out about the extent of the VW's issues about 4 hours before going to our appointment.  Ultimately, we decided that we just needed to suck it up, get a car and deal with the VW separately.  So we did.  Yep, just less than a year post-bankruptcy we were approved for a car loan.  I am extremely grateful to Wes, Hope, and Brian in the Special Financing department.  It was clear that their mission wasn't to sell a car, but rather to get us into a car that we were happy with and could afford.  See, I told you that you'd want to see pictures.

5.  Last weekend, one of my college roommates was coming over to visit, but got delayed because they found two puppies at her parents' house and she went to see the puppies.  The Man and I have been considering becoming a two-dog family for a while now and a free puppy that needs a good home is definitely right up our alley.  After seeing those 2 sweet pups pictures on Facebook, we decided that this was a perfect opportunity to help one of them and add to our pack.  She is very cute.  Next up to is to see what Kali thinks.  (I already know what Max will think - I had to hide his suitcase - ha!)  See, I told you that you'd want to see pictures.

6.  We are going to see Harry Potter tonight at 11pm on the IMax!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  We don't go to movies often.  In fact we only go if it's worth an hour and a half drive to Pittsburgh to watch it on IMax.

7.  In the spirit of Harry Potter I leave you with some laughs...

Have a great weekend!  And be sure to not only visit Jen for more Quick Takes but also say a prayer she is feeling better soon!


  1. Wow! You've had a big week! As always we have some catchin up to do! I can't wait to see/meet the newest addition to the family. I'll be looking for pictures of the car too! Thinking good, positive thoughts for you and yours always!

  2. I went to Harry Potter last night too (not Imax though) and it was AWESOME! Did you like it?

  3. Can't wait to see pictures of the new puppy! :)

  4. What car did you get?? Focus? Fusion? Escape? Explorer???? Pics please!

    And yes, pics of the pup too. You tease.

  5. 1. Glad you're able to spend time doing the work you love!

    2. Prayers for Sarah, and how lucky for her to have such a caring friend!

    3-4. Praise God for his provision! And, I saw the car on twitter, and it is NICE!Congrats!

  6. Here's a tip with the whole one-car-family thing: try doing it when you have access to good public transportation. It makes it a whole lot easier! ;-)

    I'm looking forward to a *lot* of pictures!

  7. @ Hebrews - yes, I LOVED Harry Potter!!!

    @Katie - thanks :)

    @Rae - yes, good public transportation would make things SO much easier! Until the other car gets fixed, and then traded, we will be continuing as a one-car family. I am counting the days.