It's a poll!  Please vote in the poll above.

It is a super-duper important vote.  Make your voice heard!

And remember, if you don't vote, you lose the right to complain.  Er, something like that ;).


  1. But as long as I do vote I have the right to complain? ;-)I'm with the majority so far, though.

  2. Oh, but I should say that I won't complain in any case unless you add the super-annoying word-verification boxes or drop the ability to comment without signing into google. Since your blog does not have those issues I am quite willing to support whatever else you do. :-)

  3. Yes, anyone who does vote may complain.

    And no, no word-verification here. I did consider not allowing anonymous commenters because I've been getting a lot of spam, BUT Blogger is doing a good job of keeping it out of the comment space. The only downside is I get excited b/c I think I have a comment and then, nope, just junk.

  4. I picked pop up window. :) That way I can move it to the side and still view the post at the same time, making it easier to remember what exactly I'm commenting on. I don't like to type...scroll up or down...type some more...scroll some more. Maybe it's more an issue with my memory??? I dunno. And I have word verification on mine and never had any spam. Love it!

  5. I don't mind word verification. What turns me off is comment moderation where the blog owner cherry picks comments. If the Pioneer Woman allows all legitimate comments then that ought to be good enough for everybody else.