Weekend Wrap-Up

For the first time in I don't know how long I woke up when my body was ready.  There was no alarm clock to tell me that my sleep must cease.  The Man and I went to the vigil Mass last night, so there was no need to wake up early this morning.  It was like a little slice of heaven on earth when my eyes opened at 9:55 am to nothing other than a quiet room filled with The Man, Kali, and Max.

I'm thinking I need to start taking a journal to Mass with me.  I remember very clearly loving what our Priest had to say last night, but as I'm not an auditory learning 24 hours later I've forgotten most of it.  I've never seen anyone at a Catholic Mass take notes during the homily - is there any reason why I can't?

Being that it is Sunday night, there's been a lot of football on in our house today.  And with football today, there has been a lot of talk about legal and illegal hits in the NFL.  Now, I understand the need to keep players as safe as possible, but it is football.  A contact sport.  What I do not understand is how a play that did not draw a penalty flag during the game can end up costing the player a whole lot of money in fines?  I understand James Harrison's frustration and concern that he's not sure he understands how to play the game of football.  If he had been flagged for the supposed illegal hits, then a fine makes sense.  But to impose the fine after the play was deemed legal on the field sends a mixed message.

Yes, the Mountaineers lost yesterday.  I'm still too upset about it to even discuss it (yes, I'm aware that I did not actually play the game).  I can say I shook my head a lot on Saturday and there may have been a time or two (or ten) that I threw my hands up in the air while shaking my head.

I've hit a plateau in organizing our new house.  There's still SO much to do, I just need to pick the next place to start and get it done.  What do you think - dining room, spare bedroom, office - what's next?

How was your weekend?


  1. No reason you couldn't take notes at Mass!

    No idea on organization...I am trying to organize my stuff to get OUT of our house. :)

  2. Your body woke up when it wanted to?? I want to try that!!!

  3. I love that feeling... awaking refreshed and knowing there is a quiet day ahead. By all means, take your journal. I think that's lovely.

    I've hit a plateau in my house, too, and it's a year later. :) I'd go with dining room because that's where company comes and guests are hosted...

    Sorry I've been out of touch lately. Sick kids, healing myself... craziness. But we had a lovely weekend just all being together. I like those kinds of weekends.

  4. I love ur whom am I,.. I am catholic too! ;)

    Stoppin by from SSS~Decisonally challenged

  5. I love the whole sleeping in aspect...now if i can only arrange that!

  6. I say definitely take a journal with you to mass. I heard a Catholic speaker once say that everyone should take something to write with them and listen for the one thing that God's trying to say to you during the mass, and write that down. Pretty neat idea.