I'm writing about Purple today.  Not because it's my favorite color or because I want controversy, but because a Facebook status really struck me.

Let me back up a bit.  A girl on Tumblr named Brittany McMillan posted that today should be Spirit Day in memory of the recent suicides by homosexuals after being bullied.  She tells that she chose purple because on the LGBTQ flag, purple is represents Spirit.  From this blog post, today was a day of wearing purple in remembrance.

Now, I tend to think we've gone a bit overboard on the remembrance colors, ribbons, magnets, walks, etc.  I'm not saying we shouldn't remember or have symbols of the things that are important to us, I just think we've gone a bit far sometimes.  But, I digress.  So, today, when I got dressed, I didn't put on a purple shirt.  Not because I didn't care but because, frankly, I don't own one - personally, I'm not a fan of purple.

So, why then am I writing this tonight?  It's back to the Facebook status I saw.

It said:  I didn't wear purple today. I chose not to. Suicide due to bullying doesn't just affect "gays" so, why would you only honor them and not the many other not "gay" suicides that result from bullying? I honor them all - I wore pink.

And well, when I saw this status, I wished I'd gone out and bought a purple shirt just for today.

If this were a friend and not one of the Teachers who works for me, I would have commented right on her status.  But, that would not be appropriate, so y'all get to read my response (and then some) instead.

I would've said:  First, why do you put the word gay in quotes?  Is it because you believe being gay is a choice?  Because really, do you think homosexual people chose to be the punchline to jokes, punching bags, and ostracized?  And yes, you are right, there are plenty of other suicides by heterosexuals who are bullied.  And yes, you are right, we should honor them all.  But, your wearing pink didn't honor them at all, in fact the color for suicide awareness is yellow.  And your posting of this status only bullied homosexuals more.

What you don't know about this person is that she frequently evangelizes her Christian Faith on Facebook as well.  So, once again, in my opinion, a Christian has given us all a bad rap.  Instead of offering prayers or kind words for all victims of suicide, she took the opportunity to minimize a real problem.

So, while I didn't wear purple today.  I will say a prayer for the bullying that led these young people to take their own lives.  I will say a prayer for all victims of bullying.  And I will say a prayer for understanding and kindness.

Let no corrupting talk come out of your mouths, but only such is as good for building up, as fits the occasion, that it may give grace to those who hear.
~Ephesians 4:29


  1. Wow. That seemed pretty heartless to me (the person's status). Why would you even comment with something like that, especially if you are a "christian"?
    Did you see my brother's guest post? I also put it on the link for Saturday Sampling. I didn't have the comments on for the original post, but I turned them on after the Sat. Sampling.

  2. Some people post the most inane, stupid things on facebook. Seriously.

    I would much rather we all just pray for people struggling with whatever cross they've been given...same sex attraction, homosexual tendencies, the tendency toward any type of sexual sin - homo, hetero, whatever - what is the point of tearing people down publicly?

    Oh well. I will pray for your "friend" who posted this on facebook, too. It appears there's some things to be worked out within her, as well.

  3. I agree wholeheartedly with Michelle!