In Memory

This was originally published on Oct. 24, 2009.

Today, I remember, Jasper Howard.

The cloudy skies seemed appropriate on Saturday.

Sure, it was game day.  Homecoming even.

But it was a day surrounded by clouds.

It was a day of sadness.

It was a day of questioning why.

It was a day of realizing how brief and fragile life really is.

It was also a day when the best of being a Mountaineer was on display.

It was a day when respect for our opponent was more important than the outcome of the game.

It was a day when the opposing team was greeted with a standing ovation instead of a chorus of boos.

A standing ovation to let them know our hearts were breaking with theirs.

A standing ovation to let them know we understood how hard it was to take the field on this day.

A standing ovation to let them know that, on that day, we were all Huskies.

On that day...
A moment of silence.
Two teams meeting at midfield, embracing.
A jersey hanging on a sideline, softly blowing in the wind.
A helmet without a face inside it.
A game that was closer than it should have been.

On that day, our celebration was bittersweet and fueled more by emotion than the final score.

On that day, a coach pulled his team together as a family to thank its extended fan family for their support.

On that day, the scoreboard showed a winning score at the end of the game.

On that day, the scoreboard remembered a lost life.

On that day, there was crying in football.


  1. Lessons from the football field are so inspiring. Remembering greatness is so important.

  2. How wonderful that even though the competition was there, both sides could come together and realize that there are other things more important than a football game. How sad that a young life ended way too soon.